Friday, March 19, 2010

10 months old!

Can you believe than in two months, they will be 1 year old!?!? I can't! We're starting to think about the jump to having one year olds and things like stopping bottles, no more formula, walking, etc. are all that I can think about!

Macy at 10 months: Has 6 teeth and is getting 3 more! Poor thing! Says baby all the time! Hates finger foods and loves her bottles. Loves to clap for herself. Continues to be fearless. Gets more and more like her father everyday! Is an "all terrain vehicle" and climbs onto and over everything. Loves to give kisses.

Sadie at 10 months: Has 4 teeth and no more in sight. LOVES her Daddy and says Dada, Dad, and Daddy, ALL DAY LONG! Is cruising on everything and can stand without holding onto something for a few seconds. Loves food, all food! Gives the best hugs and pats you on the back while doing so.

My ten month old cuties!

We took our first ride in the choo choo wagon today. The choo choo is something that I coveted for months and finally made Brian drive over 2 hours to get. It is a terrific alternative to a stroller for Mom's of Multiples and the girls LOVE it. We went to the swings after dinner and enjoyed ourselves a lot!

The girls spent the night at Grandma and Grampy's house on Brian's Birthday while we had a huge party at our house. It was the first time I've been alone in my own house, since the girls were born and it was fabulous! The girls did great in their Peapod tents and we look forward to being able to use these portable travel bed for our upcoming trips! Thanks to Grandma and Grampy (and Auntie Aubrey too) for taking the girls in for a night!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy 30th Birthday Daddy!

Happy 30th Birthday Brian! It's been an amazing year! I'm not sure that this year could top your last, but we can certainly try! Happy Birthday to the most wonderful husband and the best dad that I know! We all love you to pieces!
Happy St. Patrick's Day to all!
Love, Sarah, Sadie and Macy

Monday, March 8, 2010

Fun times and beautiful days!

Get ready for lots of pictures! I can say that while we've been busy, we've had a truly wonderful few weeks. Both Brian and I love having things to do and having friends and family around, combined with gorgeous weather have made things so much fun!

As I had said, the girls prefer to feed themselves right are a few pictures of how this works out....

Aunt Sarah came to town last weekend from Boston. We took the opportunity to celebrate Brian and Aubrey's birthdays a month early. We had our traditional birthday dinner at Japanese steakhouse, which was a blast. The girls got so much attention from the waitresses and hostess, that I'm surprised anyone in the packed restaurant got their food orders and drinks! Macy was a little nervous about the fire on the table, as our food was being cooked, but the girls did wonderfully and as usual, loved being out.
One thing that we love about our new house is that we can have lots of people over, so we spent the weekend having family gatherings at our house each day during Sarah's visit. We had family game night, ate carrot cake cupcakes (the Grandma made especially for the girls with organic carrots) and hung out. It was a lot of fun!
Grampy and Sadie...
Kevin and Macy Grampy and Sadie again!
Auntie Aubrey and Macy
Grandma and Sadie
Aunt Sarah and Macy
Aunt Sarah and the girls
Just a quick picture of Macy, because I love how it shows her two adorable bottom teeth (she has two top ones too!)
Good friends = Good times! This weekend, we had yet another packed few days! My friend Jess came in from CT on Thursday and we were so excited to have her here! I always tell Brian how lucky he is to have old friends and his family near by, so I was thrilled to have my own old friend to hang out with for a few days! It was great to reminisce, relax and enjoy the girls with Jess! While she was in town, Travis and Sarah stopped by with Eleanor and Wesley to play! Here is Travis, staring down Sadie...
Jess with Macy
To top off our fabulous weekend, the weather was beautiful! It was wonderful to see sunshine, melting snow and warm temperatures. We went on a fun family walk and had a blast!
The girls are ready to go!
One of the many things that we love about our new neighborhood is the amenities. In less then a five minute walk, we have tennis courts, playgrounds, basketball courts, volleyball courts, and a terrific pool and baby pool, just for our neighborhood! We tried out the playground for the first time on our walk and loved it. I know that we will be spending lots of time here this summer and I can't wait!
Sadie swinging...
Daddy and Macy
Jess and Sadie
Macy loved being pushed in the swing! My adventurous child!
I think that I've been saying this every month recently, but I truly LOVE this age. The girls continue to get more and more fun and I'm finally getting to the point where I can say, it's moving way too fast! The first few months I spent wishing away the days, waiting for things to get easier. Once we hit 5-6 months, things started to fly by and now, they are just going too fast! The girls are just a blast right now. They discover new things every day and they love learning and seeing new things. They love to hug, kiss and cuddle and playtime is their favorite thing! I wish I could freeze time...
Girls night next weekend with my mom's of twins (and triplets) friends...I can't wait!!!