Saturday, April 24, 2010

Our Florida vacation!

Well, I've finally found a few seconds to post our Florida pictures! We had a really nice time, although it was a lot of work for everyone involved! The girls were WONDERFUL on the plane rides and we received several compliments from fellow passengers, who all admitted that they were nervous when they saw our family board the plane!! Long gone are the days of relaxing, sleeping, or grabbing a drink while flying; instead Brian and worked tirelessly to keep the girls entertained and busy, so that they wouldn't make a peep. And it worked.

The weather was wonderful in Florida and it was so special for the girls to meet the second of their two great-grandmothers, who is Sadie's namesake! They also got to meet their Great-Aunt Suzy, Great-cousin Cathy and Great-Uncle Brad. We spent most of our days swimming and relaxing on the patio and even had a playpen set up where the girls could play while we enjoyed a few cocktails. Brian, Brad and Grandpa Chuck went fishing one day and while they didn't catch a whole lot, they had fun!

Here is Sadie, Great-Grammy, and Macy
The trip was also full of birthday celebrations. My birthday was the day after we returned home, so we celebrated my last birthday in my 20's, with dinner on our last night in town. It was a lot of fun, but I feel bad for the waitress who had to clean the floors after we left, because the girls are becoming quite messy eaters!

The girls also celebrated while in FL. They turned 11 months old on April 19th! It is so hard for me to believe that in just ONE month we will be celebrating their first birthday! I feel like their party will be a celebration both for them and also for Brian and myself. We will be toasting to having survived the first year with twins!
Here is a great picture of Sadie on her 11 month birthday. It completely captures her sweet and happy demeanor!
My Sadie Bug
I love this picture of Macy at 11 months, because it also completely portrays her personality...silly and spunky! My Macy Moo
My girls at 11 months old!

Great-Cousin Cathy and Macy
Grammy loving Sadie
The boys with the girls. Brian, Brad and Macy, Chuck and Sadie
We swam with the girls a lot while in FL. We had two great baby floats and cranked the heat in the pool up to a "bathtub warm" 90 degrees. Just like everything else so far, Sadie appears to take after her mommy and was a total fish! She loved being in the water and looked as though she might just swim away. Macy while apprehensive at first, warmed up to the pool quickly, but preferred to stick close to Mom and Dad.

Brian and Great-Grammy
Great-Aunt Suzy and Sadie
Macy continues to LOVE hats!
And last, but not least, my two FAVORITE pictures from the trip. These two pictures are just so adorable and make me smile, because it shows how much my girls love to hang out with their Daddy!
Macy and Daddy pointing to gators. Ummm, do you think those two could look any more alike?
Sadie, grinning from ear to ear, while her Daddy tosses her around in the pool! Could she get any cuter?

A huge thanks to Grammy for all of her help with the girls while in FL. Vacationing with babies is a lot of work, but she made it all possible and allowed Brian and I to get at least a few moments of sun and relaxation!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Bubbles and playdates!

We've been so busy enjoying the weather that I haven't had time to post! We're loving being outside, going to the playground, the zoo, and playing with friends. We can't wait for the neighborhood pool to open, so we can enjoy the water too!

They'll be signed up for at least one session of swimming lessons this summer and we are so excited to see how it goes! The lessons are pretty intense and last 45 minutes per day for two weeks. This means that I'll have to get a mother's helper to attend with me, since I can't hold both babies at once. I considered signing up for two separate sessions of lessons and taking one baby at a time. But since that involved getting a babysitter anyway for the non-swimmer and would involve choosing who should go first, I decided we'd all do it together! The girls look fabulous in their swimsuits; if only Mommy looked as great in hers!

In other news, I hosted a "twinfant" playgroup at our house last weekend. We had 7 sets of twins ranging in age from 7 weeks to 14 months in our playroom this past Saturday! While the girls enjoyed seeing the new people, they spent most of their time fascinated by the tiny 7 week old twins, who were sitting in infant seats. I had thought that the girls would love playing with the other kids, but instead I spent the entire playgroup prying the girls off of and out of the infant seats and away from the little babies! Not an ideal situation, but it was still great to talk with my twin mom friends and to see all of the twinies interacting and playing. I was so busy hosting that I only took ONE picture... Here's Macy with her friend Griffin and his twin sister (laying in the behind) Addison. If you look closely, you can see Sadie in the background, attempting to climb in

a baby carseat...ugh!

Another one of our favorite outdoor activities is blowing bubbles! The girls are absolutely mesmerized with trying to catch them! It's so cute!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone! We've had a wonderful Easter so far. Grammy is in town from CT and we all went to church this morning. The girls did wonderfully and really liked listening to the choir. We met up with Grampy, Grandma and Uncle K.C. and brought them to brunch at Muirfield Village and had the most wonderful food. We all left so completely stuffed! Hope everyone else has had a terrific day too!
Enjoying the grass...