Monday, January 16, 2012


Better late than is our Christmas post! This year I was put in charge of planning the Breakfast with Santa event for my Mother's of Twins Club. It was a great event for over 200 people and I was so excited to bring the girls, after all of my hard work in organizing breakfast. Unfortunately, the night before the event, Macy was up sick most of the night and so the girls were unable to attend. Luckily, Santa was a personal friend and he was kind enough to pay a visit to my sick kiddos at home, after the event was over. Sadie was THRILLED, but Macy wasn't so sure....

Christmas Eve we spent decorating cookies for Santa, reading "Twas the Night Before Christmas" and attending the children's service at church. The girls were so excited to leave out the cookies for Santa and also insisted on leaving carrots for the reindeer (completely unprompted by us). However, I think that Brian and I were even more excited to "help Santa" deliver his gifts and eat his goodies, once the kids were in bed.

On Christmas morning, the girls were so excited to see what Santa had brought for them; however, they were a bit disappointed that he wasn't still there when they woke up!
Exploring their new kitchen...
The note that Santa left!
It was a wonderful Christmas and we're so sad that it's over!