Saturday, December 19, 2009

Seven Months Old!

The girls are SEVEN months old today! It's so hard for me to believe it! This time last year, I was 16 weeks pregnant and we had just learned that we would be having girls. How fast the year has gone and how much things have changed!

Both girls are getting up on all fours often now and Macy is scooting like crazy. It's time to start babyproofing things! They are expert sitters at this point and love to sit together and play with their toys. They laugh at each other, reach for one another and love to stick their hands out for Bogey to lick! Macy has started reaching for me when she wants to be picked up and I just love it!

We had lots of excitement today on their seven month birthday, as it is also their first snow! We've had flurries here and there, bit this is the first time they've seen snow on the ground! It wasn't much, but enough to get the tabogan out! We had a blast! Here they are, my seven month olds...

Aren't they adorable with their mittens?!?
Mommy, the girls and Bogey! We had a blast playing in the snow!

I may not be able to post again until after the holidays. We could not be more excited for the girls first Christmas and to introduce them to lots of friends and family that they haven't met yet! Can't wait to post pictures for you all to see! To everyone...HAVE A MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Long time, no post!

Wow, I've been slacking in my blog posts recently. We've been so busy recently that I haven't had time to sit down and post! The girls are getting so big and are really changing quickly. They will be SEVEN MONTHS old this weekend...I cannot believe it! They are both rocking on all fours and Macy is scooting herself forward like a champ. I think that they both will be crawling in the next few weeks. Sadie is starting to babble in a way that sounds like she is actually talking and it is very cute. Brian and I are trying hard to get them both to say MaMa and DaDa, but no luck yet. It's become almost a competition to see which one they will say first! Sadie has now caught up with her sister and has two bottom teeth as well. The first one came in 8 days ago and the second one was soon to follow! Here is my big girl with teeth...

Recently, the girls have been falling asleep in their highchairs. They really aren't all that interested in their solid foods that Mommy so nicely makes for them! Avocado is still a huge hit, but everything else seems far from interesting...hence, sleeping girls during meal time.

I feel like the girls really don't need their Mommy all that much anymore! They are simply content to hang out on the floor playing together, "talking" to each other, and tossing around their toys. I simply help them sit back up when they topple over and help them reach toys that too far away. Now, I'm definitely not complaining, as this is a welcome change, but it definitely makes me realize that as they get older, I'm going to continue to become less and less of a necessity! Here are my independent girls this morning...

We have a busy few weeks ahead with Christmas, closing on the new house, moving into the new house and celebrating the New Year, but I hope to update the blog as often as possible and show you pictures of the girls' first Holiday season. For those of you who are waiting...I was a bit late in ordering our Christmas cards this year, but I promise they will be in the mail soon!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Best Friends...

One of my favorite parts of having twins is knowing that my girls will always have a special bond. They will always have each other to lean on and share secrets. I'm so grateful that they can go through each and every milestone (especially the awkward teenage years) with one another. My hope for them is that they will forever be best friends. Today in the tub, I sat them up to play for a second and what Sadie did, melted my heart...

Now, best friends won't always hang out naked together, but for now, hanging out naked in the living room is pretty fun! :) Macy has a bit of a diaper rash and I thought it was only fair that if she got to play without her diaper, that Sadie did too... Aren't their behinds just adorable???
In addition to each other, I hope that the girls have many other close friends. Brian has been friends with his best friend since First Grade and Travis and his wife are still some of our closest friends. Their daughter, Norah, is 2 months younger than the girls and I truly hope that the 3 of them can grow up together and always be close friends. Here is a picture of the three of them, after Norah's baptism (Macy, Norah, Sadie)...
I tried on the girls' Christmas dresses tonight and they are adorable! Only 23 days left until their First Christmas!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Macy, the wino!

Hope everyone had a terrific Thanksgiving! Brian and I brought mashed potatoes to Shawn and Heidi's this year and we tried a new trick of using a "ricer" to mash our potatoes. It was interesting, but I'm not sure it's something that we'd try again. Here's Brian working away...

While Brian worked on the potatoes, the girls and I got dressed in our Thanksgiving best...

When we arrived, the girls immediately got scooped up by their favorite aunts! Macy is with Auntie Aubrey and Sadie is with Aunt Sarah!

Grampy also got in on the action and played with Sadie!

Here's Kevin with Sadie and Auntie Aubrey with Macy!
During our play time, the adults were enjoying some wine. Macy decided that she wanted some too. We all got a good laugh out of Macy reaching for the wine glass repeatedly! Brian and I are going to have to watch out for this girl as she gets older!
Just before we ate, it was bedtime for the girls. Here's Uncle K.C. helping with Sadie!
Aunt Sarah snuggled up with the girls for a good bedtime book!

Unfortunately, Macy didn't adjust well to not sleeping in her own crib, so after a lot of crying throughout our dinner, Brian and I decided to miss the family board games to take our "high maintence Macy" home to go to sleep in her own crib. All in all, it was a nice Thanksgiving!
I had to post two last pictures! This morning while the girls and I were playing (and letting Daddy sleep in!), I looked over and saw Macy in this position...
She was up on all fours and rocking back and forth!! She is going to be crawling ANY day now...Wow, I don't know if we're ready for mobile babies!!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to all! We're so excited for the girls' first Thanksgiving! This time last year, Brian and I were just announcing to the world that we were pregnant with twins and we were just 12 weeks pregnant (although I already had a nice round belly)! This year, we have our wonderful girls here with us and we can't wait to spend the day with friends and family!

We started off the Thanksgiving morning with a little extra sleep, as the girls we nice enough to sleep a half hour later than normal and woke us at 8:00am (7:15pm-8:00am = awesome!!). Brian made french toast for us, while the girls ate their cereal and then we cozied up to watch "Macy's Special Parade!" We're going to have to find something special for Sadie, as I know that the Thanksgiving Day parade will always be known in our house as "a parade just for Macy." The girls really aren't ever allowed to watch any TV, so this was a special treat, although they didn't really seem to pay any attention!

Here's Daddy and the girls watching the parade...
Here they are again!
Instead of watching, Macy decided to go for a roll. Note the shoe behind her...a few minutes later, I turned around to find Macy chewing on this shoe, which had some lovely gum on the bottom of it! It was one of the grossest moments I've had as a mom! I promptly grabbed the shoe and attempted to wash Macy's mouth out with a wet paper towl. YUCK! Note to self, don't leave shoes where the babies can get them!
Sadie playing and wondering when her parade is?
Later in the day we will go to Grandma and Grampy's house and we will get to see Aunt Sarah, who is arriving from Boston! We can't wait to see her!
Last week, the Columbus Zoo put up all of their Christmas lights for a two month long event called "Wild Lights." They literally light up EVERYTHING in the zoo (well except for the animals) and it is so much fun to go walk around, see the animals at night and enjoy hot chocolate and beautiful lights! The girls loved getting bundled up and looking at all of the pretty lights.
Here we are as a family!
In other news, the girls have moved beyond cereal and are now trying purees! Brian and I spent an evening working on making some new things for them to try and so I now have frozen sweet potatoes, bananas and avocado purees in my freezer. We will try each one for three days (to test for allergies) before moving on to other things! The girls LOVED sweet potatoe!
Here is Macy enjoying her new meal..
Sadie loving her new food!
The girls sat in restaurant high chairs for the first time yesterday and did very well! They looked like such big girls! We had lunch with my good friend Andrea, who is expecting twin girls and due in April! We can't wait to have another set of girl twins to play with!
I'll post more Thanksgiving pictures soon! Happy Thanksgiving to all!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

6 Months Old Today!

I never thought this moment would come, but it babies are 6 months old today! That's one half of a year that they have been in our lives. Six months ago, I had this...

Sadie Rebekah Savage, born at 1:06 am, 6 lbs 13 oz

Mary Catherine Savage "Macy," born at 1:10 am, 6 lbs 11 oz

My babies, 5/19/09

And now, I have this...


My 6 month olds!
I can honestly say, that these have been the best 6 months of my life. I truly don't remember life before my babies were born. They have brought more love into my life then I could have ever imagined and true joy and happiness to every day. Six months ago, I would have never thought that I would ever reach a point where I would love being a mom to twins. The few weeks after they were born, were perhaps the hardest weeks of my life and at times, I truly thought none of us would survive. However, I can honestly say that I HAVE reached the point where I adore each and every second of having twin girls.

Before they were born, I heard from many twin parents that 6 months was the breaking point, the time where things got easy. I've waited for this day and I cannot believe that it is finally here! Honestly the time has flown! And I can say, that most days, things have become "easy." My girls can now play with each other, talk back and forth, smile and laugh at each other and are truly starting to form a bond that I hope will stay with them for a lifetime. I feel so incredibly lucky to have twins and to top it off, two of the cutest, sweetest girls I've ever seen! HAPPY HALF BIRTHDAY SADIE AND MACY, I cannot wait to watch you continue to grow and change throughout the next six months!! Thank you for making me the happiest Mom in the whole world! I love you both!

So, without further ado, the SIX MONTH PICTURES!!

I thought I'd throw in a few extra pictures! This is a picture of the girls in their new hats sent from Aunt LeeAnne and Uncle Harry in MN! They have the girls names on them and they are perhaps one of my favorite gifts that the girls have received! I just love them!
Daddy gave Macy a mohawk at bedtime one night!
Sadie and Bogey
Macy and Bogey

Happy 6 months to our favorite little girls! We love you more than the world...Mommy and Daddy.