Thursday, May 19, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday!!!

We woke the girls up this morning by singing "Happy Birthday" and they were thrilled! These silly girls must think it's their birthday every day, since they heard it at their party on Sunday and we've been singing the song almost every day since!

But, here they are, my 2 YEAR OLDS! Wow!

Dressed in their birthday outfits and ready for morning playgroup!
These next few pictures were taken with my phone, so I apologize that the quality isn't terrific. Last year we started an annual birthday tradition of taking the girls to Muirfield Village for their birthday lunch. It's such a great time to be up at the club because everything is bustling and busy with the tournament being just weeks away. The course is in perfect condition and there are lots of golfers to watch and the girls love it! Hopefully we can do this every year for their birthday! Brian and I were even talking about how we'd one day probably be throwing a 16th or 18th birthday party at the that is scary!!
One of the most special parts of their birthday lunch was their cake surprise. The club has a fabulous pastry chef, Meaghan, who has made many a cake for our events. Both last year and this year, when she heard that the girls were there for lunch, she managed to whip up the most special birthday treats! This year it was a jar full of cake balls on a stick! They looked awesome and tasted even better!!! What a special thing for our girls!So, that is our birthday day so far. I'll have more to post later!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Ladybug Birthday Party!

Okay, so this is going to be picture overload, but I worked so hard on this party (and all of my helpers too!) and I loved how it turned out, so now is my chance to show it off!! The girls are absolutely in love with "bee-bugs" (ladybugs) and I just love planning and creating parties (I'm not sure everyone involved loves me planning!) so thus an awesome "bee-bug" party was born!

We had 50 of our closest friends and family to a "play cafe" here in town for the girls' Ladybug themed 2nd Birthday party! The party was a brunch, complete with 10 different homemade quiches (thanks to Grammy), bagels, fruit salad, pastries, tea sized PB&J for the kids and much more! The adults had mimosas and bloody marys, while the kids enjoyed milk or apple juice in the ladybug sippy cups that I made with every child's name. We had a dessert table complete with a 2 tiered ladybug cake, individual bug cakes for the girls', cupcakes, chocolate covered rice crispy treats, chocolate covered oreos on a stick, and frosted sugar cookies! Yummy!!

The kids, adults and especially the birthday girls had an absolute blast! Not unlike a wedding that you've planned for for years, the party flew by in what seemed like a minute and then all of the hard work and planning was over! But, at least I have the fabulous pictures and memories and hopefully some day the girls will appreciate looking back at them!

Ladybug flower centerpieces
Frosted sugar cookies with ladybugs! (notice the felt ladybug in the background!)
Chocolate covered oreos on a stick!
Cupcakes with ladybugs or cupcake flags!

I loved the cakes!
Favor treats buckets with ladybug accessories!
Sadie and a "bee-bug"
Grammy and her girls
Macy, Grammy and a "bee-bug"
Macy playing with the cars!
Daddy and his Sadie-girl
Sweet Sadie!
She loves her milk (see her ladybug sippy!)
My girlies on the seesaw!
Sadie and her beloved milk again!
Sadie feeds Grammy
Macy saying, "Is anyone looking?"
Mommy and Macy working so hard to blow out her candles!
Sadie and her cake!
My sweet girls!
Sadie and Grammy
And last, but certainly not least, Macy and her cake! She attacked this cake and ate almost the whole thing! It was hilarious!
I hope that you enjoyed these pictures as much as I do! I cannot believe that tomorrow morning, my babies will be 2 years old. They look so grown up in these pictures and really are turning into little girls! What an amazing 2 years!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Mother's Day!

Getting caught up on pictures!! Aunt Sarah came back to town and stayed with us for Mother's Day! It was great to have her visiting with the girls and they loved playing with her! We went out to brunch on Sunday and the girls looked so cute in their spring dresses. They really love brunch food, so they ate like champs!
Daddy and Sadie walking together!
Another adorable Daddy and Sadie picture.
Both girlies!
One lone picture of Mommy and her girls on Mother's Day!
And a group shot!
Many more pictures to come from the girls' birthday party!