Sunday, July 11, 2010

Parties and mischief!

While these two are completely different most of the time, they sure do think alike when it comes to mischief! They seem to be plotting how to get into trouble recently! Clearly, this week, it was fun to get stuck in the corner table!! Good think Mommy came to the rescue!
This weekend we went to Addi's 3rd Birthday and had a blast! Well, the girls did! Mommy and Daddy had fun too, but we were pretty worn out from chasing our two toddlers in opposite directions in the afternoon heat! Addison had a pretty awesome party, complete with horse back rides! The girls LOVED their rides, which shocked me!
Daddy and Macy making friends!
Macy's ride!
Sadie laughing away!
Sadie finishing her fun adventure!
We are continuing to have a blast, despite the warm weather!!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Fabulous 4th of July Weekend!

I'm pretty sure that we had the busiest 4th of July weekend yet! We were packed with activities and while we were all exhausted by the end of the long weekend, we had a blast and the girls surprised me with their lack of crankiness!

Saturday, we had a BBQ at our house with great friends and family. After the BBQ, we all went to the Dublin fireworks and listened to Kenny Loggins in concert and enjoyed the beautiful evening. Grandma took the girls home almost 2 hours past their bedtime, so that Brian and I could stay and enjoy the AMAZING fireworks display. Not only were the fireworks one of the best I've seen, but I was pleased at how well the girls did staying up so late! Here are some pictures from Saturday!

Auntie Aubrey and Macy
Our friend Stacy, enjoying time with Sadie
Macy climbed into her stroller herself a relaxed while waving and saying "hi" to everyone who passed by!
Mommy and Sadie relaxing to the music
Daddy and Macy
Daddy and Sadie
Macy hoping to get another taste of Daddy's margarita!
Macy Moo with her cute hairdoo!
Sunday we had another packed day with a 4th of July party, where the girls enjoyed swimming in the baby pool and trying out the slip n slide! And then to end the weekend, on Monday, we went to the Ostrander parade with the Shegog/Mallett families! This has become an annual tradition and we took the girls when they were tiny babies last year! Despite the heat, they seemed to enjoy themselves much more this year!
Daddy and his girls waiting for the parade
Two cool chicks, watching the parade!

So, after our exhausting and fun weekend, we're laying low this week and trying to stay out of the heat! We look forward to seeing the Minnesota crew next week, as our summer adventures continue!!

Daddy starts them early...

We all know that Brian spends an extraordinary amount of time on the golf course! Well, of course he's hoping for some golfing girls. So, why not start them out early? Here are my mini-golfers, hanging out on the putting green of our club...
Sadie found two golf balls...
Macy looking for a hole...
Hurry up Macy!
Daddy shows Sadie what to do...
More pictures to come from our fabulous few days of Fourth of July fun!