Tuesday, March 29, 2011


We are back from our trip to Florida and we ALL had a fabulous time! Prior to the trip, things were a little hectic and stressful, as we had to change our plans around several times! We were originally scheduled to go visit my grandmother at her house; however, she took a fall a few weeks prior to our arrival and wasn't up for visitors. After some quick planning from Grammy (Cindy), we were booked at a wonderful resort in Tampa instead!

Just as we started looking forward to a relaxing vacation, Brian had some meetings come up at work that almost forced him to stay home. After some careful thought and planning, we decided that the girls and I would fly out to FL alone and that Brian would stay home to finish up his work obligations and then join us the following day. I can tell you that flying ALONE with two toddlers, 2 large carseats, carry-on bags, and 3 large suitcases, was rather challenging....not to mention renting a car alone once we arrived in FL! But, we made it there relatively hassle free and we were thrilled to meet Grammy and Grandpa Chuck at the resort!! I felt very accomplished once we arrived and like all of my efforts had paid off, since the resort and weather were wonderful!!

The girls couldn't have been more perfect for me on the airplane!
Quietly watching a movie during the whole flight!
The following day, Daddy arrived and what can you guess was his first activity? Heading to the golf course, of course! So the girls and I headed to the pool for some sun and swimming!

The girls basically lived in the pool for the next several day and are both total fish! They have never been happier than they were just floating around the pool with their water wings on!

Macy, who wasn't previously a water lover, really came into her own this trip and did a fabulous job in the water. She loved figuring out how to move in the pool and spent her days doing twists, turns and spins using her legs! It was so fun to watch her figure it all out!!

And my little water bug, Sadie, loved being thrown and splashing into the water!

After hours at the pool each day, the girls cuddled up in their towels with their favorite people!

We took a fabulous bike ride on this bike-mobile which seated 4 adults (who all peddled) and had a basket seat for two kids up front!
The girls also loved pointing out golf carts and trying them out too!
One of the highlights of our trip was getting a little break for some adult time! Brian and I left the girls with Grammy (or "Maney" as Sadie calls her) and Grampa Chuck (Guck as the girls call him) and headed to visit some of our very best friends, who just moved to St. Petersburg! We had a wonderful time going to a party at a friends apartment, which overlooked the Indy car races that weekend and had an amazing view!

Thank you to Mike and Neysa for inviting us to join them for such a great time and to Neysa and Hillary for some great laughs!!
We sadly returned home to Ohio and 40 degree weather, but look forward to Spring weather arriving very soon and for the pool to open, so that the girls can continue working on their swimming skills! Thanks to Grammy for making our trip so incredibly wonderful!!