Thursday, November 10, 2011

First Hair Cut!

It was a big day in our house today, first hair cuts for the girls! I've been putting this off for a while because I just couldn't bare the thought of cutting off their curls, but their hair was just getting so uneven and messy looking, the I decided it was time! A salon that I go to offers a free first hair cut for kids, so off we went and the girls LOVED it!

Here is the before picture, as we headed out of the house!

Heading into the salon!Such pampered girls, getting snacks in the waiting room!
Macy's up first!
First snip...
I wish I had a better after picture of Macy, because she looks so cute!

Sadie's turn!
First snip...The after shot...can you tell how happy she is?! So cute!

Big girls, with new hairdo's!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Here's a little Halloween fun for your viewing! It was so much fun this year because the girls actually "got it" and really enjoyed Trick or Treating. I had so much fun watching them knock on doors and talking to the neighbors. They loved it so much that they asked if we could do it again today...

I present to you, Thing 1 and Thing 2!

And here is a cute picture of our Playgroup Halloween Party. Sadie was a bit of a "party pooper" and was too cranky to participate in the picture, so only Thing 2 is present (on the far right)!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Pumpkin Picking!

This past Sunday, we headed over to the pumpkin farm for some Fall fun! We met up with our friends Dan and Amy and their twins, Grace and Sam and everyone had a great time!

Here is Sadie, claiming her pumpkin...
And Macy loves hers....
The hay ride out into the pumpkin fields.

And then this one, because I think it's funny.A rare picture of me and the girls!
Daddy and Sadie in the pumpkin patch!
Daddy carefully holding his girls, while also holding the knife needed to cut the pumpkins free...eek!
The hay ride back to the farm!
The perfect way to end the weekend!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Emily and Brian! 9.10.11 Wedding!

This is going to be picture overload, but there were just too many fabulous pictures to share from our trip to Minnesota for Emily and Brian's wedding weekend!

We had an amazing trip to MN and it went by way too fast. The girls were such troopers and stayed up late several nights in a row, were completely off schedule and still managed to keep their underwear dry during the whole trip (except for during the rehearsal dinner, when Macy's tummy was a little upset). The girls had so much fun playing with cousins, dancing, and seeing all of their family. They are totally exhausted, but I know they loved every second and so did we!

The first day/evening of our trip we had a cookout at Great-Grandma's house. The girls' second cousin Beckett came over to play, with his little sister, Harper and many other family members too! Beckett and the girls did countless laps throughout the yard and really enjoyed playing together.

Night 2 was the Rehearsal Dinner and the girls looked adorable in their pink dresses and silver sequined, Stuart Weitzman shoes!
The rehearsal dinner was on a chartered dinner cruise boat and the girls loved it. They enjoyed seeing the other boats, birds and pointed out every buoy on the lake!
Aunt Sarah and Sadie got to help drive the boat too!
Macy, getting tired, but still hanging in there!
Grampy and Sadie as the night comes to a close!

It's wedding time! The girls again looked fabulous for the big day. They were so excited to see the wedding and most importantly, ride the shuttle bus from our parking spot to Aunt LeeAnne and Uncle Harry's house.

Gorgeous view from the weddingDaddy and Sadie
Aunt Sarah and Macy
Auntie Aubrey and Sadie
Macy enjoying a snack during the cocktail hour.

The place cardsThe beautiful bride, Emily and her Dad (Uncle Harry)
Despite it being over 2 hours past bedtime, the girls were dancing MACHINES. They danced non-stop for at least and hour and I don't know about them, but I was exhausted!

The last day of our trip and time for the post-wedding brunch! Here is Macy, looking a little worn out from our busy weekend, but still adorable!
Cousin Katie and Sadie!

Uncle KC and Macy and Katie with Sadie, looking at the water from the docks.
We couldn't have asked for a more enjoyable weekend in MN and had such a blast. I'm so proud of my girls and how well they did with all of the excitement and activity. We miss our MN family already and can't wait to plan another trip to visit. Until then, we'll look forward to seeing them next June (for Aubrey's wedding) and have such great pictures and memories from Emily and Brian's weekend of wedding fun!

There are a million more pictures here...

And, Aunt Sarah posted some of her pictures from the trip on her blog, The One Savage (cute name, huh?)