Saturday, February 27, 2010

9 months old (a little late!)

So, I've procrastinated in posting the girls 9 month photos! We've been so busy around here and we keep getting busier! Grammy's visit was wonderful, we had a terrific time and she just loved seeing the girls and spending time at our new house. Aunt Sarah is in town from Boston and the girls have loved seeing her and showing her their new tricks. Next weekend, my friend Jess is coming to visit and I'm am looking forward to spending time with a close friend! And the weekend after that, we will be taking the girls to their first St. Patty's Day parade! I also have a get together with my mom's of multiples friends and can't wait! So, as you can see, we're are a little crazy around here!

The girls have had a developmental explosion recently. Sadie is "talking" up a storm and her favorite work currently is Dada. Macy crawls at lightening speed and is the most agile child I've ever seen. Both girls are pulling up on everything and unfortunately falling on everything too! They like walking behind their push toys and climbing on things. They are starting to boycott being spoon fed and they want to eat all finger foods, which has made life a little challenging. But, I'm trying to be creative, and so far they have enjoyed grilled cheese, noodles and peas with cheese, scrambled egg yolk with cheese, chicken nuggets, and a few others. As you can see, cheese is a favorite!

Here are the 9 month photos...

Sadie: Sweet (seriously, sweeter then pie!), Daddy's girl, caring, pleaser, clumsy, easy, independent, cuddly, calm, happy...
Macy: Spunky, stubborn, athletic, fast, funny, dramatic, social, inquisitive, Mommy's girl, challenging, loving, exciting...
My girls!

NINE months old! Wow, can you believe it?
How I find my babies when they wake up!
Macy, trying out her new Peapod travel bed...lots of trips coming up in our future! We'll have the girls nap in these at home a few times to get them used to them before our first trip in April and hope that they work well!
I promise to be better about keeping up with the blog, in between our busy schedules over the next few weeks!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

When did they get so big!?!

Each and every day I am amazed at how fast the girls are growing up! The time is flying by and I already working on the plans for their fabulous first birthday bash! It will be here before I can blink and while I'm excited, I'm also very sad that my babies aren't little babies anymore!

Here is Miss Cool, Macy, wearing Daddy's hat!

Looking good!

This is how I am greeted by Sadie every time I get her up...such a big (and happy) girl!

The girls now pull-up to stand on EVERYTHING. It makes them seem so grown up! What is funny, is that they each have their own unique way of standing up...they are like night and day!
Our good friends John, Marcy, Johnny, and Mia came over to play last weekend, here is Johnny with Macy...
Mia with Sadie...

All four kids playing away!

Here is a sneak peak from Grammy's visit! We're having a blast, but so busy. I think we're wearing Grammy out!

Oh and one last picture.... Both Brian and I are shoe fanatics! We have endless shoes, but have had to cut back on our shoe habits since having the girls. However, I've now found a new for my little ladies! And here they are, the girls' first pair of Stuart Weitzman's...I think I'm in love....

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow, snow and more snow!

Like everyone else, we've gotten a lot of snow around this neck of the woods! It's been beautiful and the girls and I have enjoyed watching the kids playing outside, while the pretty snow falls!

Here is a picture of the new house in the snow!
View from the back of the house. I love the pine trees covered in white!One evening, Brian and I decided to take the girls for a toboggan ride in the snow. It was chilly, but I think the girls enjoyed it!
Bogey enjoyed all of the snow too!
In other news, the girls are continuing to crawl EVERYWHERE! They are more adventurous now and take off in opposite directions everytime they are put down. Macy continues to love clapping and claps all the time! They are becoming more and more interactive with each other and love to talk back and forth and laugh at each other. It's just so fun to watch!
Here is a quick picture of Daddy and his "mini-me."
Sadie's new trick, pulling up to stand! She was so proud of herself. Now if only she could figure out how to get back down again!
Macy shows how she can crawl through the door of her play house!
Grammy comes to visit next week and we can't wait to see her. She will be amazed at how much the girls have changed since Christmas. Stay tuned for pictures!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Double Trouble!

Well, things are getting crazy around here!! We've got not one, but TWO crazy crawlers. Sadie started a few days after her sister. They are like little crabs crawling everywhere and very fast! It's hilarious to watch a little train of babies crawling around one after the other, following my every move! Along with their new found independence has come a lot of mischief too...

They've discovered themselves in the dishwasher...
Macy has discovered that the vents blow air! Nice hair!
Sadie uses the kitchen chairs to pull up...
Macy bangs on the french doors, wondering where Bogey is?
Sadie attempts to get to Mommy's "very healthy" snack....
Almost there...
Macy crawls into small spaces, like under her exersaucer...
....which we have now nicknamed "The Macy Cave."
Despite their shenanigans, they are still my sweet, loveable girls! Here is my redhead, Sadie... She is loving to talk and have "conversations" with me, where we talk back and forth. She always waves, claps and is so independent. She loves to sit and play by herself, but will take every opportunity to grab ahold of her sister!!
My spunky Macy... Macy has developed such a sweet side recently and loves to hug her Mommy. She reaches her arms out to me and when I hug her she burries her head in my neck. I just love it. She is intrigued by books and loves when I make animal noises.
Relaxing with Daddy...
Two weekends ago, my Aunt Margaret and Cousin David came to visit. They helped us with decorating the new house and met the girls for the first time. We had such a nice time and were so happy to have our first house guests!

Here is Aunt Margaret with Sadie...
Cousin David, also with Sadie...
And one last picture... A few days after moving in, all in one day, we had the alarm system company, the electrician installing the girls' chandelier, and the Invisible Fence people here all at the same time. And, it just happened to be smack in the middle of naptime. So, the girls were forced to miss their morning nap. At lunch time, they were beyond exhausted and while I went to prepare their meals, I came back to find this....
My poor girls just couldn't stay awake any longer!