Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Since I often get a lot of questions, I thought I'd do a post dedicated to Frequently Asked Questions about raising twins, so here are a few...

"I read the post describing how you feed both girls at the same time, but I don't get it, can you post a picture?" or "Explain to me again how you feed two at once?"

Well, feeding two at once used to seem like a daunting task, but it's become quite routine at this point. The only time I really prefer to always have extra help is the bedtime bottle, as it often involves trying to keep the girls awake long enough to finish it, but I have managed alone. So, in order to save myself quite a bit of time, I learned early on that I needed to feed both girls at the same time. I started off feeding both girls in their carseats on either side of me on the couch, but quickly moved to one on my bent knees and one in the boppy pillow next to me on the couch or on the bed. Here's a picture of what it looks like! Please excuse the no was 7 am and we were all still in PJ's...

"How do you manage to grocery shop with two babies?"

I can tell you that this was a scary task at first too, but once I did it, it quickly became a lot less challenging! There are two different approaches to grocery shopping. The quick visit is an easy one. I put the girls into their Double Snap and Go stroller, or DSNG, as it is referred to in the world of mom's of multiples. It is a stroller frame that holds both carseats, one in front of the other, and feels like your driving a bus! It has a large basket underneath and I simply put all of my necessary groceries in the basket. Pretty simple...

Now, the larger grocery trips took longer to master. It's a little technique that I like to call the "push and pull." I put the girls in their side by side stroller (no carseats), which is easier to push and can be done with one hand. Then I grab a grocery cart and I simply do all of my shopping while pushing the stroller and pulling the cart. I get lots of stares and comments, but it works!

I was so excited to see this picture in People Magazine of actor and dad of twins, Jerry O'Connell mastering the "push and pull" and making it look so easy! Now, if he could just have a talk with Brian, I'd be a happy lady!

"How did you get both babies to sleep through the night at 2.5 months?"

Luck. I think that we were blessed with good sleepers. I also think that the girls must have known that Mommy needed some good sleep after caring for them all day and decided that they better learn to sleep well quickly!

"What's the hardest part of having multiples?" and "What do you like most about having twins?"

The hardest part of having twins...hmmm...all of it! I think we're lucky in that Brian and I never knew what it was like to just have one baby, so twins is all we've ever known. I think that the hardest has to be when both are crying at once and trying to determine which baby to attend to first or try to carry both at the same time to get them calmed down. I've always considered myself an organized person, but I can say that I never knew organization until I had twins. My days are non-stop and I rarely have time to sit down (except for when I update the blog of course!). Brian gave me a huge compliment the other day when he came home and said "You have to be the most efficient person I know!" Efficient is a good word for it, I had to learn to be efficient quickly.

I love almost everything about having twins. I love their different personalities and the fact that they'll always have someone to play with and never be alone. I love that they just recently discovered one another and watching them smile at each other. I love that Brian and I each have a child to hold at the end of the day. Having twins is truly wonderful!

Hope this answers all the questions! Let me know if there are any more!

A few more from Great-Grandma Savage's visit!

We had such a great visit with Great-Grandma! I think that she really enjoying getting to meet the girls. She really got to know their personalities, fed them several bottles, took lots of pictures and held them a lot! I'm so happy that the girls got to meet her! They have now met both Great-Grandma's on Brian's side, so I'm hoping they get to meet Sadie's namesake, Great-Grandma Hollingsworth (my mom's mom) sometime soon!

During Mary Kays' visit, we enjoyed relaxing at Heidi and Shawn's house and made cookies, enjoyed good meals, watched a movie and had a nice time talking and relaxing together. The weather was great, so it was nice to take some pictures outside!

Here is Shawn (with Macy) and Mary Kay (with Sadie) enjoying sometime on the porch swing!
The four generation picture! Here is Brian (with Sadie), Mary Kay (with Macy) and Shawn! Four generations of cool!!
During Grandma's visit, Sarah's cat, Grella, contemplated pouncing on Sadie as she slept in her carseat. Thankfully she just watched from her perch, rather than actually making the leap!
Here is Grandma Heidi (with Macy) and Auntie Aubrey (with Sadie) relaxing during Mary Kay's visit!
We had such a great time with Great-Grandma Savage and we will miss her! We hope to make it out to MN sometime soon to see the rest of the family and let them meet the girls...

Monday, August 24, 2009

Great-Grandma Savage is here!

Great-Grandma Savage (Macy's namesake) is in town from Minnesota to see the girls! We have had so much fun so far getting to spend time with her and letting her get to know the girls. We've been out to dinner twice, had her over to the house, and enjoyed talking and catching up. We are delighted that we have two more days with her and wish she could stay longer. Here are two pictures of us at Muirfield Village enjoying dinner with her! It was a beautiful evening to sit down at the lake house and the girls loved being outside.

Here are two pictures of the girls just before Mary Kay arrived to town. These are currently my favorite outfits for the girls, as they are so unique! They came from Great-Aunt Kim and Great-Uncle Trevor from Australia and I just love them! Can't you see the excitement on the girls faces as they await their Great-Grandma's arrival!!

More to come from Great-Grandma's visit...

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Happy THREE Month Birthday girls!!

The girls are three months old today! I can't believe it! They've been the most challenging three months of my life, but also the happiest and most rewarding! I'm so proud of myself, Brian and mostly of my beautiful girls! Happy three months Sadie and Macy!

Macy showing off her big, beautiful blues! This girl has killer eyes and eye lashes that go on for miles! Lucky girl!
Sadie sporting her red hair! I hope it stays this way, as it is currently the cutest strawberry blonde!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Play date with Cambell!

The girls and I went for a play date with our friends Cambell and Bowen and their mommy Cari today. Cari and I used to work together and we were pregnant at the same time and actually due on the same day. It was quite funny while we were pregnant, because when we compared our bellies at work, I was always about twice the size of Cari, with my big twin belly!
We enjoyed our pregnancies together, or should I say, worried together, as we were both equally neurotic while pregnant and the girls were born a about a week before Cambell. As it turns out, Cambell wasn't really due when they thought she was, so she unfortunately had to spend a little while in the NICU before coming home with her family. She's home now and happy and healthy! She is an adorable little girl and we were so excited to finally get to go visit her and enjoy her big brother too! Hopefully she and the girls will be great friends. Here are a few pictures from our visit!
Macy, Sadie and Cambell

Cambell, keeping warm in her hat!

Monday, August 17, 2009

All about Sadie...

After posting all about Macy, here is Sadie's post! Sadie is my sweetheart. She is a totally easy going and relaxed baby. She is generally an extremely happy baby and is very content just sitting and relaxing. We often feel bad, because she is sometimes so good and so content that you forget she is even there! She loves to play, kick, and swing in the baby swing. Sadie was my first smiler and talker. She LOVES to talk and is always experimenting with different noises and sounds. She enjoys the sound of her voice and mimics sounds we make and will always have a "conversation" with you. She also loves to stick out her tongue! When she wakes up in the morning you often hear her talking to herself and when you go and get her, she always greets you with a huge smile. It is what I look forward to every morning! She will look for you when she hears your voice and is thrilled when she has spotted you, especially Daddy when he comes home.

Sadie is my great nighttime sleeper and once you get her to bed, she sleeps for 10 hours and sometimes more, however she HATES napping. It is not unusual to put Sadie down for a nap and go in an hour later to find her wide awake and looking around in her crib. When she smiles, she scrunches her nose and opens her mouth very wide. She has adorable bow lips and her smile is as sweet as can be. Sadie is very stubborn and when she gets upset, she gets very upset. She is a creature of habit and likes her routines. Here are a few pictures of my happy girl. The last one is an example of what happens when you refuse to take a nap in your crib and insist on playing all day...

Sadie is my reliable baby. I know what to expect with her and can always turn to her for a good smile and cuddle. Her mild tempered nature melts my heart and there is nothing better than hugging her chubby body! Sadie also has many nicknames and is my Sadie Bear, Big Bear, Sadiekins, Lugg, Bunny, and forever my Sadie Girl. I love you Sadie!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

A post about Macy...

I thought I'd do seperate posts highlighting each of my girls, since I normally post pictures of them together. This post is Macy's post. Macy is my spunky little girl. She's typically a little more high maintenance, but has so much personality. She can go from smiling to screaming in one second and loves being outdoors. She never sits still and is always looking around at everything in sight. She's a bit smaller than her sister, but extremely strong and can lift her head completely upright when on her tummy. She's a great napper during the day, but doesn't sleep quite as long at night (currently sleeping about 8 hours a night). Her smiles begin in her eyes and she loves it when we sing. I can't wait to see her continue to grow and change!

Here are few pictures of what Macy is doing currently. The first is a picture of her on her changing table, looking at her ballerina picture. She is obsessed with this picture and we've decided that it will be sent to college with her someday, as the ballerina is clearly her best friend. Every time we put her on her changing pad, she immediately looks at the ballerina and starts smiling, laughing and talking to her. She could be crying and if you take her to see her ballerina, she will immediately get happy again. It is so funny!

Macy has recently learned to roll from her tummy to her back. We are so proud. Here's the roll in action!

Macy challenges me everyday and often covers me in spit up, but her hilarious personality and fiesty smiles light up my world! She has too many nicknames to count and is my adorable Macy Moo, Macy Pants, Macy Motion, Bunny, Froggy Girl, Monkey, Cranky Girl, and of course just plain Macy! I love you Macy!

Monday, August 10, 2009

A week of birthday celebration!

It's been a week of birthdays around here! Uncle K.C. turned 15! Here he is with the girls as we got ready to head to lunch with the family. Here is Grandma Heidi with Sadie and her birthday cupcake. Her birthday was the day before K.C.'s. We all enjoyed a nice lunch at The Morgan House and despite Macy projectile vomitting her bottle onto the floor, it was a great lunch!
This past weekend, we celebrated the two birthdays with a family meal at The Montgomery Inn. Macy was thrilled that Daddy wore a bib like she always does! Below are a few pictures of what lunch looks like when we take the girls. Thankfully there are plenty of hands for feeding the girls and everyone does a good job of taking turns passing them around during the meal! Brian and I try to enjoy eating a meal, while other people hold our babies for a while!!

Bogey loves his babies and is so good with them. The girls aren't too interested in him yet, but he loves to lick them and always goes to their room when they are crying or making noise! He's a great "big brother!"

I forgot to tell everyone....THE GIRLS ARE SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT! Yay!!! We'd eventually like to start making bedtime earlier, but for now, they are asleep by 9:45 and sleep until at least 6 and sometimes 7 am. It's been great to get 7-8 hours of straight sleep for us! After our morning bottle the girls often lounge in bed with Daddy until he gets up to get ready for work, while I wash bottles and enjoy a few minutes to myself before the day begins. This weekend, here is what I found when I returned to the bedroom. So adorable! He's the best Dad and they LOVE him!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

New friends...

Our new best friend, Ellie (Eleanor Mae) was born last Saturday! She's a big girl and has a full head of black hair (Macy's jealous, as she currently has a mullett) and we can't wait to grow up with her! Her parents, Travis and Sarah and her big brother, Wesley, are excited that she's finally here! Welcome Ellie!

The girls have started "playing" a lot more often and Sadie has started to recognize that Macy exists (Macy hasn't noticed Sadie quite yet). Here are the girls playing with an activity may in their pack n' play and kicking each other's legs.
Today the girls and I went to our first "twinfant" play group. There were 10 sets of twins ranging in age from 10.5 weeks (my girls) up to age 9 months. While the girls didn't "play" very much, it was great for me to talk with other twin moms and spend some time seeing what twins will be like over the next few months. I can't wait for the girls to be playing with one another, sitting up and more interested in toys, like some of the other twins. I met some great moms and look forward to doing more play groups over the next few months! Here's a picture of most of the group.