Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Bubbles and playdates!

We've been so busy enjoying the weather that I haven't had time to post! We're loving being outside, going to the playground, the zoo, and playing with friends. We can't wait for the neighborhood pool to open, so we can enjoy the water too!

They'll be signed up for at least one session of swimming lessons this summer and we are so excited to see how it goes! The lessons are pretty intense and last 45 minutes per day for two weeks. This means that I'll have to get a mother's helper to attend with me, since I can't hold both babies at once. I considered signing up for two separate sessions of lessons and taking one baby at a time. But since that involved getting a babysitter anyway for the non-swimmer and would involve choosing who should go first, I decided we'd all do it together! The girls look fabulous in their swimsuits; if only Mommy looked as great in hers!

In other news, I hosted a "twinfant" playgroup at our house last weekend. We had 7 sets of twins ranging in age from 7 weeks to 14 months in our playroom this past Saturday! While the girls enjoyed seeing the new people, they spent most of their time fascinated by the tiny 7 week old twins, who were sitting in infant seats. I had thought that the girls would love playing with the other kids, but instead I spent the entire playgroup prying the girls off of and out of the infant seats and away from the little babies! Not an ideal situation, but it was still great to talk with my twin mom friends and to see all of the twinies interacting and playing. I was so busy hosting that I only took ONE picture... Here's Macy with her friend Griffin and his twin sister (laying in the behind) Addison. If you look closely, you can see Sadie in the background, attempting to climb in

a baby carseat...ugh!

Another one of our favorite outdoor activities is blowing bubbles! The girls are absolutely mesmerized with trying to catch them! It's so cute!

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