Sunday, July 11, 2010

Parties and mischief!

While these two are completely different most of the time, they sure do think alike when it comes to mischief! They seem to be plotting how to get into trouble recently! Clearly, this week, it was fun to get stuck in the corner table!! Good think Mommy came to the rescue!
This weekend we went to Addi's 3rd Birthday and had a blast! Well, the girls did! Mommy and Daddy had fun too, but we were pretty worn out from chasing our two toddlers in opposite directions in the afternoon heat! Addison had a pretty awesome party, complete with horse back rides! The girls LOVED their rides, which shocked me!
Daddy and Macy making friends!
Macy's ride!
Sadie laughing away!
Sadie finishing her fun adventure!
We are continuing to have a blast, despite the warm weather!!

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