Friday, September 24, 2010

Catching up!

Well the end of summer is here, but we've still been having lots of fun!!

Both the neighborhood and our country club pools sadly closed on Labor Day, but we ended the swimming season with a splash....for Bogey! Our country club opened up it's pool the day after it closed, for dogs to go for a swim! The girls and I took Bogey and we all had a great time!
It took Bogey a while to warm up to the diving board ramp into the pool...
But he eventually got the idea and jumped right in! The girls loved watching all of the doggies taking the plunge!
Despite the fact that Fall has arrived, our temperatures have still been HOT! Now that the "big kids" have gone back to the school, we decided to check out the neighborhood splash park for the very first time! We had the whole thing to ourselves and had a blast!
Well, Sadie had a blast!
Sadie, my "water-bug!"

Macy finally decides to check things out!

My girls! They loved watching the water go down the drain!
In other news, the girls turned 16 months a few days ago! They are changing so much everyday it seems, especially in language development. New words in our house include, Zoos (shoes) and kaka (cracker) by Sadie and boop/boopy (poop/poopy) by Macy! Ha! They are growing up fast!!

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