Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Yes, yes, I know that Halloween is still 2 days away....but, Ohio seems to be the only place that celebrates on a designated "Beggar's Night" each year, so the girls went Trick or Treating last night!!!

Before we get to the Trick or Treating pictures, I will share a quick few from last weekend. We actually began our Halloween celebration while Paul and Rachel were in town and we took the girls to the zoo for "Boo at the Zoo!" We had a blast!

This is the only picture I got of Paul and Rachel while they were visiting, because we were just so busy! The girls LOVED spending time with Paul and Rachel and Macy especially took a huge liking to Paul! She talked about "Pawww" for days after they left! I hope that spending time with the girls got P & R even more excited for their little girl's arrival in January, but perhaps it terrified them a little too! :)
Here are my pumpkins headed into the zoo!
Pumpkins watching Daddy!
The girls loved this brown bear!
He was eating a Halloween pumpkin! Thankfully it wasn't one of my tasty "pumpkins!"
It was a chilly night for Trick or Treating, but we set up a bonfire in the fire pit, had warm spiced cidar and sat in the driveway waiting for the kids to arrive!! Here are the girls getting ready to take a ride in the wagon!
Macy Moo!
Sadie Bear!
Two small pumpkins and one big Pumpkin (Grammy)!
Getting ready to take the girls Trick or Treating. They LOVED ringing the doorbells and even tried to walk right into a few houses! We'll have to work on perfecting our trick or treating skills next year!
Happy Halloween!!!

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