Thursday, May 19, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday!!!

We woke the girls up this morning by singing "Happy Birthday" and they were thrilled! These silly girls must think it's their birthday every day, since they heard it at their party on Sunday and we've been singing the song almost every day since!

But, here they are, my 2 YEAR OLDS! Wow!

Dressed in their birthday outfits and ready for morning playgroup!
These next few pictures were taken with my phone, so I apologize that the quality isn't terrific. Last year we started an annual birthday tradition of taking the girls to Muirfield Village for their birthday lunch. It's such a great time to be up at the club because everything is bustling and busy with the tournament being just weeks away. The course is in perfect condition and there are lots of golfers to watch and the girls love it! Hopefully we can do this every year for their birthday! Brian and I were even talking about how we'd one day probably be throwing a 16th or 18th birthday party at the that is scary!!
One of the most special parts of their birthday lunch was their cake surprise. The club has a fabulous pastry chef, Meaghan, who has made many a cake for our events. Both last year and this year, when she heard that the girls were there for lunch, she managed to whip up the most special birthday treats! This year it was a jar full of cake balls on a stick! They looked awesome and tasted even better!!! What a special thing for our girls!So, that is our birthday day so far. I'll have more to post later!

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