Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Baby Bubble Guppy

We asked the girls the other day what we should name their baby brother. Macy answered "Macy" without hesitation! Glad that she is happy with her name and willing to share it with her baby brother! Sadie said "Bubble Guppy" which is from a TV show on Nick Jr. The name kind of stuck and so for now, this baby is being referred to as Baby Bubble Guppy!

 Meet the little guy! These pictures were from about 5 weeks ago, so he's much bigger now, but these are some of my favorites so far!

Here is a picture of my belly which is starting to grow! I'm not wearing maternity clothes just yet, but will be very soon! It's been wonderful to continue exercising and going to the gym this time around and hope to continue to do so throughout the pregnancy!
16 weeks with one!
For comparison, here is what I looked like at 16 weeks with the girls' pregnancy. Quite a bit larger! I had been wearing maternity clothes for about 4 weeks already in this picture!
16 weeks with twins

We are so excited for October to roll around so that we can meet this little guy, but for now, we are getting ready for one final summer as a family of 4 and lots of pool time with the girls!

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