Saturday, October 24, 2009

It's Fall in Ohio!

It's officially fall in Ohio (although it feels like winter!). The leaves are mostly down and the pumpkins are out! We had a few nice days where the girls and I were able to get outside and enjoy the pretty colors and play in the leaves! Here are a few pictures of the girls (and Bogey) with our pumpkins. They really liked to touch them and lick them!
Macy and the pumpkin
Sadie and the pumpkin...
As you can see, we've started to do some sitting up in our household! The girls can sit for a few seconds, unassisted, before toppling over and sit pretty well if they have something to hold on to! They look like such big girls when they do it! I need to go out and get some toys that are more fun for babies who sit up, as we mainly have "little baby" toys around here!
Brian and I were able to get out and enjoy a favorite fall activity and go to the Buckeye's game this Saturday! We really enjoyed spending the day together, despite the rainy and cold weather and the girls got to spend the day playing with Grandma Heidi and Auntie Aubrey!
A rare picture of Mom and Dad, with NO babies! Don't we look happy!?!?
Sadie has started rolling onto her belly in her sleep, which is a bit scary for Mommy, but she seems to like it. I've gone back to getting up several times a night, since I worry about her and get up to check on her often. I know that I'll eventually get used to it, but after being told so often by the pediatrician, parenting books, etc. that babies have to sleep on their backs, this new trick makes me worry! Altough I called the pediatrician and they assured me that once she is rolling onto her tummy herself, that she is fine and there really isn't much I can do. Here is what she looked like in the morning, when we first discovered her new abilies...
We also started cereal this week. Can you believe how many new things are happening all at once?!? I feel like my babies are growing up so quickly! It makes me kind of sad! They don't really like the cereal alone, but with a tiny bit of applesauce, it's a huge hit!
Here's Macy enjoying her breakfast in her big girl highchair!
Sadie saying "mmmmm..."

All in all it's been a great week! Brian and I had a date evening on Friday night and we dropped the girls off with their favorite babysitters, Jon and Megan. Brian and I got to enjoy a drink and some appetizers for a few hours while the girls played! I'm sure they just do it to be nice, but J&M practically beg us to drop the girls off sometimes, so we gladly take the opportunity! They are terrific with the girls and it means a lot to us to have a few hours to ourselves! So, thanks guys!

Halloween is coming up in a few days and I don't know about the girls, but I'm so excited to dress them in their costumes!! Pictures coming soon...

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