Monday, August 2, 2010


I will start off by posting a couple of pictures of my most mischievous child, Macy! She is my total daredevil and into everything. She loves to climb and thank goodness she's got the coordination of her Daddy and is pretty agile in her adventures! She loves to climb onto the coffee table and run she is in action!
When it was too hard to get down, she decided that the table was a good place to nap!
In other news, we've been busy with trips and visitors. After our fabulous trip to MN, which I promise to post pictures of soon (I'm having trouble deciding which of the over 200 pictures to post!), Grammy came to visit from CT! We had a blast with her and then Aunt Sarah came to stay with us for a whole week!!! We loved having her here, meeting her friends and doing all sorts of fun activities! There is nothing like having your awesome Aunt around to play with every day!
And we also got a chance to celebrate Uncle KC's 16th birthday (well, he'll be 16 in 2 days) while Aunt Sarah was in town. The girls couldn't be more excited that their Uncle KC is getting his driver's license and they hope he's a good driver so that they can go for a ride some day!
No other news to report around here. Brian has been golfing a lot and is currently in 3rd place of his club championship. The event continues into next weekend and we will continue to cheer him onto victory! I'm looking forward to a night out with my Mom friends next weekend and can't wait!

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