Saturday, January 15, 2011

More Dancing!

You saw a quick clip of Macy's new favorite activity in my last post, but here's an even better one! This shows her true talents! It's hilarious to watch both girls, but especially Macy get really into dancing.

A quick side track, but one of my favorite new purchases is a video baby monitor. I've wanted one since the girls were born, but Brian was totally against the idea and thought they were totally unnecessary. Once we discovered that Sadie was attempting an escape from her crib, we decided it was time to do a little bit more monitoring of what goes on at bedtime/naptime. I'm so happy that I waited, because I was able to get a fantastic, touch screen, video monitor that just came on the even holds up to 4 cameras! I'm totally in love with this thing! But, back to dancing. So, while watching the girls in their cribs, we noticed that not only does Macy dance with us, but she also does her fair share of dancing in her crib too! It's hilarious!

So, here they dancing girls (and Daddy too!)

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