Friday, January 21, 2011

Snow Day!

We had another few inches of snow yesterday and so the girls and I went out for an afternoon of play! I decided to bring out my camera and practice using some of the settings that I learned on my first day of photography class. It was fun to finally take my camera off of the "auto" setting. I'm looking forward to learning a lot more at my upcoming classes, but for now, here are our snow pictures!

We are continuing to have a busy winter. We're "scheduled" like crazy. If you are wondering what we are up to...

Monday - We go to Open Gym at the Rec Center. This is one of the girls favorite activities. They open a huge gym to toddlers and put out an insane amount of wonderfully age appropriate toys. It's a free for all and a little crazy, but so much fun! We also sometimes have an afternoon playgroup on Mondays!
Tuesday - We go to our Whirlygig music class. This class is great and the girls are loving learning new songs and playing with all sorts of cool instruments.
Wednesday - We alternate between Storytime at the library and Toddler Theater. Storytime is fun, but a little more laid back, whereas Toddler Theater is a crazy, toddler dancing, music playing, great time.
Thursday - We have our toddler twins playgroup. This is one of my favorite days of the week, because I love getting time to relax with my other twin mom friends and the girls enjoy playing at a different house and with other twin friends!
Friday - For the next few weeks, the girls are going to Grandma Heidi's house in the mornings, while I get some much needed "me time" at photography class. I'm absolutely loving learning more about how to actually use my camera that I've had for a year now. And it's great to learn, socialize and meet other adults, without listening to yelling children!

So, as you can see we're busy with our packed schedule, in addition our regular day-to-day activities, but we're loving every second (or almost every second)!

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