Thursday, February 10, 2011

Fun playgroup at COSI

Today the girls and I went down to COSI, the science museum here in Columbus. We went with our Thursday, twins playgroup and we had an absolute blast. The girls had been once before, but they weren't old enough to fully enjoy the Kidspace play area. However, today, they were at the perfect age to take advantage of every activity and they loved it!

Of course, the water table was the biggest hit, despite my best efforts to keep them away from discovering it! Thank goodness I brought a change of clothes, because they were soaked! The museum provides cute raincoats for kids to wear, but that doesn't protect their pants and shoes from the buckets of water that get dumped everywhere!
And finally, we ended our adventure by going down to the food court to eat lunch with all of our friends! We were quite the sight, 4 Mom's and 8 kids!

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