Monday, April 25, 2011

30th Birthday Surprise!

Well, so far 30 has been fabulous!

I woke up Thursday morning (my birthday), thinking that "someone" was coming to town. Through a few various "suspicious" comments that Brian had made over the previous few days, I had come to the conclusion that he was going to surprise me by having either my mom or my best friend, Jess, meet us at dinner for my birthday.

Brian and I arrived at Muirfield Village Golf Club for dinner and were quickly greeted by the valet staff who told us that there had been a change of plans and that we would be eating in one of the villas on the property. We were taken by golf cart to the villa and as we walked through the door, I heard a few people talking. This was the first time it crossed my mind that this might be an actual surprise party. Sure enough, we opened the door and I was greeted with "SURPRISE" by 20 or more of my friends and family members!

I was absolutely shocked to see that not only were my mom and Jess in from out of town, but my dad was there, my step-father, Chuck and even Brian's sister, Sarah had made the trip!! It was even more hilarious to see that my friend, Erin was there, after she had listened to me question what Brian might have planned for my birthday, for 2 hours during playgroup that morning. She did an amazing job of keeping the secret!

Not only were were going to have a party, but Brian and myself, Jess, Sarah and my dad were going to be spending the night in our terrific 4 bedroom, 4.5 bathroom Villa, complete with a pool table!

Brian had a gorgeous and tasty cake made for me!
And we spent the rest of the evening drinking (probably a little too much), relaxing with friends and family, eating some fabulous food and playing pool!

It couldn't have been a better birthday surprise! I don't think I stopped shaking from excitement for at least 20 minutes into the party! My mom, dad, Chuck, Jess and Sarah stayed for the rest of the weekend, so we had a very enjoyable Easter weekend. I will post pictures of the girls (the reason that you all read this blog anyway!) celebrating Easter soon!!

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