Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Happy Easter! We had a great Easter with all of our visitors in town! It was complete with 2 egg hunts, Easter baskets and a wonderful brunch!

Here's a picture of my Easter bunny, Sadie!
Aunt Sarah came over to make Easter cookies with the girls, which they LOVED doing! Although I think that they enjoyed eating the decorations even more!

The girls also decorated eggs, which was fun, but I think that the girls would have preferred to eat the eggs instead!
Here's a quick picture of Granddad with Sadie!
The girls went outside and played with some of their Easter basket items with Grandpa Chuck! They really enjoyed sidewalk chalk!
We also had an absolutely fantastic brunch. The girls were wonderfully behaved and I think that everyone stuffed themselves to capacity, since the food was so tasty!
Hope that everyone had a very Happy Easter! I know that we did!

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