Friday, June 10, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend!

Alright, so I'm finally getting caught up!! Summer is here and we've been busy...EVERY day!

We had an absolutely wonderful Memorial Day weekend. The pool on our street opened up and of course the girls and I needed to hit up the baby pool on opening day. The girls had an absolute blast and it was actually relaxing for Mommy this year! The girls are so independent in the water now, that I was actually able to sit down in a lounge chair and just watch them play...WONDERFUL!

To finish up our long weekend, we headed out into the country to visit some of our best friends, Travis and Sarah's new house. It was quite the drive our there, but we were greeted by a gorgeous day and some beautiful countryside. The girls had so much fun running around in the lawn and especially playing on the old swing set that was on the property. Unfortunately, Brian's allergies got the best of him, so we had to cut our visit short. But we really look forward to some fabulous summer days out there in the future!

Travis and Sarah's kids, Wesley and Eleanor

Memorial Day weekend marks the start of one of our favorite weeks here in Dublin, The Memorial Tournament. Thousands of people and hundreds of pro-golfers flock to Muirfield for our annual PGA tournament. I was able to bring the girls on Wednesday again this year and they really enjoyed actually watching some golf this year. Since daddy golfs so much, the girls love to talk about golfers, golf balls, and golf clubs and were very excited to see all of these things! Unfortunately, I forgot to snap any pictures on the only day of the tournament that cameras are allowed!!

Brian completed his scoring duties on Thursday and Saturday this year, which despite the ridiculous heat (he has to dress in long pants, long-sleeved shirt and tie! I don't know how he survived?!?), he really enjoys. One of the golfers in his Thursday group finished in the top 3 again this year, so perhaps he's a lucky scorer! On Saturday, I took 3 of my good friends (from my twin's playgroup) out to the tournament and we had a fabulous time eating lunch, watching some golf and relaxing without kids! As usual, tournament week was an absolute blast, but also exhausting, so we are all still recovering!

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