Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Franklin Park Conservatory

Today, Auntie Aubrey asked if she could take us to Franklin Park Conservatory to see the butterfly exhibit. We were really excited to go and the see the butterflies and the girls talked about it a lot! When we got there, the exhibit was gorgeous and there were plenty of butterflies to see and admire. Sadie loved it and Macy was fascinated, but when the butterflies came to close, she screamed and jumped around in a tizzy. She is such a girlie girl these days!

While the butterflies were gorgeous and my personal favorite of the trip, the girls were far more interested in the large Koi fish instead!

The conservatory was so cool and there were plenty of things to climb into, bridges to cross, waterfalls to play with and pathways to follow and the girls had a blast!
Thanks to Auntie Aubrey for coming up with a fun morning activity for the girls!!

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