Tuesday, September 6, 2011

First Day!

So today was the day, the girls very first day of preschool! We have been talking about school forever and they were so excited all morning long. Poor Sadie woke up with a rash on her face and while she wasn't looking her best, she was still eager to get to school!

On this first day, the girls were only supposed to be there for one hour (opposed to 2.5 on every other day) and parents were supposed to stay as well, to help them acclimate. The girls met a new friend named Maggie, made place mats for snack time, played outside, used building blocks and listened to two stories, while sitting "criss-cross-applesauce (well, most of the time). Macy loved using the new potties at school and went to the potty at least 3 times. Sadie had one accident on the playground, but did really well the rest of the morning. They really like their teachers and I think they are going to have an even better day, when I'm not there. I'm so excited to see everything that they are going to learn over this year. My girls are getting so big!

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