Monday, September 5, 2011

Potty Training x 2

So, we've started the dreaded task of potty training. I had no intention of beginning training this weekend, but I had bought all necessary supplies since I knew it was something that we would try soon. However, when the girls woke up on Saturday, they asked for "big kid undies." We had bought some at Target that week, so they knew that we had them in the house. I couldn't deny their request, so thus we began on our weekend potty training adventure.

We are using the "3-day potty training" method, except that we aren't night/nap training at the moment. This method claims to have your kids trained in 3 days and during those three days, you are locked down inside your house, living and breathing the potty. It encourages the child to tell you when they need to use the potty, so instead of asking, "do you need to pee?," the phrases "tell mommy if you need to potty!!" and "Are your undies dry?" have been said no less than a trillion times this weekend.

Well, it's day 3 and I can't say that we are potty trained, but things are improving. We are accident free this morning and I think that the girls are starting to get the hang of it. I have learned a few things in the process. One, I was absolutely NUTS to take on this task alone. The large majority of our accidents have occurred while I am helping one child with the potty and while the other is left unattended, they decide to pee on my carpet. Two, you can never own too many pairs of undies. We've gone through a whole lot this weekend and every heart, ballerina, stripe and flower pair have been peed on. And three, I greatly underestimated the difficulty of potty training. I blew off others horror stories and complaints thinking that my two kids would take this transition with ease. Boy was I wrong...potty training x 2 has left me wanting to poke my eyes out!

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