Monday, December 14, 2009

Long time, no post!

Wow, I've been slacking in my blog posts recently. We've been so busy recently that I haven't had time to sit down and post! The girls are getting so big and are really changing quickly. They will be SEVEN MONTHS old this weekend...I cannot believe it! They are both rocking on all fours and Macy is scooting herself forward like a champ. I think that they both will be crawling in the next few weeks. Sadie is starting to babble in a way that sounds like she is actually talking and it is very cute. Brian and I are trying hard to get them both to say MaMa and DaDa, but no luck yet. It's become almost a competition to see which one they will say first! Sadie has now caught up with her sister and has two bottom teeth as well. The first one came in 8 days ago and the second one was soon to follow! Here is my big girl with teeth...

Recently, the girls have been falling asleep in their highchairs. They really aren't all that interested in their solid foods that Mommy so nicely makes for them! Avocado is still a huge hit, but everything else seems far from interesting...hence, sleeping girls during meal time.

I feel like the girls really don't need their Mommy all that much anymore! They are simply content to hang out on the floor playing together, "talking" to each other, and tossing around their toys. I simply help them sit back up when they topple over and help them reach toys that too far away. Now, I'm definitely not complaining, as this is a welcome change, but it definitely makes me realize that as they get older, I'm going to continue to become less and less of a necessity! Here are my independent girls this morning...

We have a busy few weeks ahead with Christmas, closing on the new house, moving into the new house and celebrating the New Year, but I hope to update the blog as often as possible and show you pictures of the girls' first Holiday season. For those of you who are waiting...I was a bit late in ordering our Christmas cards this year, but I promise they will be in the mail soon!!

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