Saturday, December 19, 2009

Seven Months Old!

The girls are SEVEN months old today! It's so hard for me to believe it! This time last year, I was 16 weeks pregnant and we had just learned that we would be having girls. How fast the year has gone and how much things have changed!

Both girls are getting up on all fours often now and Macy is scooting like crazy. It's time to start babyproofing things! They are expert sitters at this point and love to sit together and play with their toys. They laugh at each other, reach for one another and love to stick their hands out for Bogey to lick! Macy has started reaching for me when she wants to be picked up and I just love it!

We had lots of excitement today on their seven month birthday, as it is also their first snow! We've had flurries here and there, bit this is the first time they've seen snow on the ground! It wasn't much, but enough to get the tabogan out! We had a blast! Here they are, my seven month olds...

Aren't they adorable with their mittens?!?
Mommy, the girls and Bogey! We had a blast playing in the snow!

I may not be able to post again until after the holidays. We could not be more excited for the girls first Christmas and to introduce them to lots of friends and family that they haven't met yet! Can't wait to post pictures for you all to see! To everyone...HAVE A MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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