Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow, snow and more snow!

Like everyone else, we've gotten a lot of snow around this neck of the woods! It's been beautiful and the girls and I have enjoyed watching the kids playing outside, while the pretty snow falls!

Here is a picture of the new house in the snow!
View from the back of the house. I love the pine trees covered in white!One evening, Brian and I decided to take the girls for a toboggan ride in the snow. It was chilly, but I think the girls enjoyed it!
Bogey enjoyed all of the snow too!
In other news, the girls are continuing to crawl EVERYWHERE! They are more adventurous now and take off in opposite directions everytime they are put down. Macy continues to love clapping and claps all the time! They are becoming more and more interactive with each other and love to talk back and forth and laugh at each other. It's just so fun to watch!
Here is a quick picture of Daddy and his "mini-me."
Sadie's new trick, pulling up to stand! She was so proud of herself. Now if only she could figure out how to get back down again!
Macy shows how she can crawl through the door of her play house!
Grammy comes to visit next week and we can't wait to see her. She will be amazed at how much the girls have changed since Christmas. Stay tuned for pictures!

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