Saturday, February 27, 2010

9 months old (a little late!)

So, I've procrastinated in posting the girls 9 month photos! We've been so busy around here and we keep getting busier! Grammy's visit was wonderful, we had a terrific time and she just loved seeing the girls and spending time at our new house. Aunt Sarah is in town from Boston and the girls have loved seeing her and showing her their new tricks. Next weekend, my friend Jess is coming to visit and I'm am looking forward to spending time with a close friend! And the weekend after that, we will be taking the girls to their first St. Patty's Day parade! I also have a get together with my mom's of multiples friends and can't wait! So, as you can see, we're are a little crazy around here!

The girls have had a developmental explosion recently. Sadie is "talking" up a storm and her favorite work currently is Dada. Macy crawls at lightening speed and is the most agile child I've ever seen. Both girls are pulling up on everything and unfortunately falling on everything too! They like walking behind their push toys and climbing on things. They are starting to boycott being spoon fed and they want to eat all finger foods, which has made life a little challenging. But, I'm trying to be creative, and so far they have enjoyed grilled cheese, noodles and peas with cheese, scrambled egg yolk with cheese, chicken nuggets, and a few others. As you can see, cheese is a favorite!

Here are the 9 month photos...

Sadie: Sweet (seriously, sweeter then pie!), Daddy's girl, caring, pleaser, clumsy, easy, independent, cuddly, calm, happy...
Macy: Spunky, stubborn, athletic, fast, funny, dramatic, social, inquisitive, Mommy's girl, challenging, loving, exciting...
My girls!

NINE months old! Wow, can you believe it?
How I find my babies when they wake up!
Macy, trying out her new Peapod travel bed...lots of trips coming up in our future! We'll have the girls nap in these at home a few times to get them used to them before our first trip in April and hope that they work well!
I promise to be better about keeping up with the blog, in between our busy schedules over the next few weeks!

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  1. I can't believe how big they are!! Where does time go? I can't wait until MoMs night out either!!!