Thursday, February 18, 2010

When did they get so big!?!

Each and every day I am amazed at how fast the girls are growing up! The time is flying by and I already working on the plans for their fabulous first birthday bash! It will be here before I can blink and while I'm excited, I'm also very sad that my babies aren't little babies anymore!

Here is Miss Cool, Macy, wearing Daddy's hat!

Looking good!

This is how I am greeted by Sadie every time I get her up...such a big (and happy) girl!

The girls now pull-up to stand on EVERYTHING. It makes them seem so grown up! What is funny, is that they each have their own unique way of standing up...they are like night and day!
Our good friends John, Marcy, Johnny, and Mia came over to play last weekend, here is Johnny with Macy...
Mia with Sadie...

All four kids playing away!

Here is a sneak peak from Grammy's visit! We're having a blast, but so busy. I think we're wearing Grammy out!

Oh and one last picture.... Both Brian and I are shoe fanatics! We have endless shoes, but have had to cut back on our shoe habits since having the girls. However, I've now found a new for my little ladies! And here they are, the girls' first pair of Stuart Weitzman's...I think I'm in love....

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