Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday Sadie and Macy!

Dear Sadie,

Happy 1st Birthday! I cannot believe that you are one year old already; the time has truly flown by! It feels like yesterday that you were still in Mommy’s tummy. Inside my tummy, you were my reliable baby and you still are today. You were head down from 12 weeks into my pregnancy and you stayed that way the whole time! You had hiccups at almost the same time everyday and it always made Mommy laugh and smile!

One year ago today, I met you for the very first time. You were stubborn from the start and you weren’t so sure that you wanted to leave the comfort of my tummy. But, after lots of effort, we finally saw you for the very first time. Daddy said that you were perfect. I wanted to hold you more then anything, but just like you do now, you had to patiently wait for Mommy’s attention while I attended to your sister (she needed to join the world too). Daddy stayed by your side and I’m pretty sure your infatuation with him started right then and there!

From the moment I first held you, I knew that you were the sweetest thing that I would ever meet. Your love for others is truly a gift and everyone who meets you gets such joy from your hugs! Sometimes I feel selfish for wanting to be the first one to hold you every morning, so that I can receive your hugs, pats and cuddles. Your smile and laugh are literally contagious. You love your sister so much and I adore watching you give her hugs and trying to get her attention so that she’ll play with you! I could not imagine a more loving person then you!

You are incredibly smart and observant and I love watching you learn. Today, I watched you sit for 10 minutes watching a squirrel eat nuts on our deck and when I told you what he was doing, you looked like you understood every word. I love that you have started repeating things that Mommy and Daddy say and Daddy loves it when you say “Bye, bye Dada” and wave. You are a natural in the water and look like you might swim away in the bathtub each night. This is just one of the many ways that you take after me!

I couldn’t be happier to have you as my daughter, Sadie. You have made this year the most wonderful of my life. I am so proud to be your Mommy and I hope that you will forever be the sweetest person that I know!

Happy 1st Birthday, Sadie Bear!



Dear Macy,

Happy 1st Birthday! Today you are one year old…wow! It feels like yesterday that I was feeling you move inside my tummy. Each day I would laugh as I felt your feet kick the top of my belly and I loved pushing on your tiny feet and feeling you push back. Your little body took up most of my belly, as you sprawled out in there and moved all over. Today you are still my same silly, mover and shaker!

I remember the moment I first saw you like it was just yesterday, not one year ago. They put you onto my belly and I looked into your face an instantly fell in love. You looked just like your Daddy right away and I laughed as I saw your body on me, because your arms and legs were spread all over, just like you had spent the last 9 months. I knew that we had a special bond right from the start because you stopped crying when I touched your cheek. You made your Daddy so proud when he saw you lift your tiny head right off your blanket and we knew right then that you were going to bring so much excitement and fun to our lives.

Right from the start you have brought so much laughter to my life. You are the spunkiest and most fun person that I have ever met. Your personality commands attention and everyone who meets you is drawn to your smile. It has been said many times that you are already the “life of every party” as you seem to shine around people. You love kissing your Daddy on the lips while saying “muah” and nothing makes me happier then when you give me a kiss too!

You amaze me each and every single day with the things that you are learning and doing. Out of the blue you have become a walker and it seems like you make it your job everyday to walk as much as you possibly can! You look like a pro as you stand up with ease and walk in circles around the room, smiling and shrieking to make sure I see your tricks. You are a daredevil at heart and fearlessly climb chairs and toys with the utmost determination to succeed. When you accomplish your task, you radiate with pride. This is one of the many ways that you are just like your Daddy.

I couldn’t be happier to be your Mommy, Macy! You have filled my life with more laughter then I would have ever thought possible! I’m so proud to have you as my daughter and I hope that you will forever be the most enchanting person that I know!

Happy 1st Birthday Macy Moo!



We've had a terrific first birthday so far! We started the day by waking the girls up by singing "Happy Birthday," which they seemed to enjoy! Daddy picked us up for lunch and we had a wonderful time watching golfers play and enjoying excellent food. The wait staff surprised us at the end of lunch by bringing out two beautiful purple cupcakes on plates that said "Happy 1st Birthday Sadie" and "Happy 1st Birthday Macy!" As expected, Sadie dove right in and devoured her cupcake in less then 4 minutes. Macy on the other hand was a little overwhelmed by the experience and didn't get a chance to enjoy her cupcake in between cries! It was a memorable experience for all!

Many, many more pictures to come in the next few days! Guests starting arriving to town tomorrow and the BIG BASH is on Sunday!!!!

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