Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy May! Can you believe that the girls' Birthday is almost here! This time last year, I was barely able to move and the size of a whale, but look what two beautiful babies I have just one year later!

I'll start with a few pictures from the Derby Party that we attended at Joe and Paula's. As usual is was a blast and the girls had a great time playing with all of Paula's cool decorations and their dog, Jack! It was great to have many helpers with the girls and to be able to enjoy a few moments socializing with friends!

Macy attempting to tap the mini-keg!
Sadie and Jake, ready for the Derby
The girls giving Jack some love!
Jake and my ladies, his prom dates!
The other day, the girls and I took our friend Erin and her twins, Griffin and Addison to the playground to swing and had a blast! We love playig with other sets of twins!
Here is Sadie and Addison...
Macy waiting her turn...
Since Macy and Griffin couldn't wait their turn without eating mulch, we decided to try, "two babies to a swing!" Here are all four babies having a blast!

And last, but not least, Mother's Day! It's been a great day, complete with sleeping in, while Daddy watched the babies, brunch with the whole family and relaxing at home! I received so many nice cards and gifts and while I don't think that the girls know what today is, I like to think that they are being extra nice to their Mommy today!

PS. Macy's walking up a storm!!! :)

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