Sunday, September 20, 2009

4 months old!

Well, the girls are officially 1/3 of a year old! I can't believe it! Time is flying by and they are getting so big. New accomplishments over the past month include laughing, which is perhaps the cutest sound I've ever heard, lots of talking and cooing, learning to arch their backs which makes it difficult to use the swing or bouncy seat anymore, and lots of growth! Sadie officially has tremendous thighs and Macy's growing quite the chin!

The other day we had a play date with Eleanor and the girls got dressed up some pretty cute outfits. They looked like little ballerinas in their skirts and leggings!
Unfortunately Sadie had a diaper blow out while we were playing with Eleanor, so she didn't remain in her outfit all day, but here is a picture of the three girls hanging out together.
Just had to throw one in of Daddy and his clone, Macy...these two couldn't look more alike if they tried!
We went to the zoo again this weekend (on the girls 4 month birthday) and Daddy wanted to try out the rickshaw. Macy was sleeping in her stroller, but Sadie and I jumped in the back for a picture! I'm sure on-lookers thought we were all nuts!
And now for the 4 month pictures....
Sadie girl
Macy Moo
Macy again...she has so much personality and is absolutely the most quirky little girl I know!
And one last one of Sadie...her smiles are so huge and she opens her mouth so wide!
Happy 4 month Birthday girls!

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