Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Big girls!

Sorry that it's been over a week since my last post (if anyone was checking!), we've been so busy! To start with, the girls had their 4 month pediatrician visit and wow, we are growing some serious giants in our house! Not that it's much of a surprise to anyone! Both girls were off of the charts in weight. Sadie weighed in at a whopping 19.2 lbs and Macy wasn't too far behind at 18 lbs! Such big girls! They got their 4 month shots and seemed to tolerate them a bit better than the 2 month ones, which was nice! We got the go ahead to start solids and plan on starting rice cereal or oatmeal at around 5 months and then veggies at 6 months or so. I plan on making all the girls baby food with organic fruits and veggies, so I got a baby food maker from Williams Sonoma and I can't wait to try it out!

In other news, Heidi's sisters arrived in Columbus, as they are all headed to cousin Nicole's wedding in PA this weekend. Kim (Heidi's sister) and Jack (Brian's cousin) arrived from Australia and Melly (Heidi's sister) came in from CA. They hadn't met the girls yet, so it was great to spend time with them! Kari (Heidi's sister and Kim's twin) arrives today, so I'm looking forward to getting a "twins with the twins" picture tonight, which I will post another time! Kim brought some great new outfits from Australia, which the girls will be able to wear this spring and they are so cute! Here are few pictures from their visit so far!

Melly with Sadie
Kim with Macy
Three of the four sisters with the girls (Kim, Heidi with Sadie and Melly with Macy)
This is what the dinner table looked like! The girls make great center pieces, especially when they are sleeping!
And here's one last picture of Macy enjoying a ride on Daddy's shoulders!
I'm looking forward to attending the bi-annual "Columbus Mother of Twins Club" sale this Friday evening. Brian will be doing bedtime alone with the girls for the first time. I know he'll do great and I'm somewhat looking forward to him getting to experience what my days are like, when I'm home alone with the girls!

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