Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Wesley's Birthday, The Zoo and more...

Last weekend we went to Wesley's 2nd Birthday party! We had a blast and loved watching Wesley open his gifts, eat his cake and play with his new toys. We especially enjoyed spending time with his parents, Travis and Sarah and their whole family. The girls loved being passed around and seeing new things. Here are a few pictures from the party.

This is Travis' grandpa Jim, Brian and Macy
Wesley playing with his new weedeater and safety goggles.
Sarah's sister, Claire, keeping Macy warm and toasty!
Wesley blowing out his candle with his mom and dad! Sarah made the best cake for him...so cute!
We got Wesley a zoo membership for his birthday, so on Sunday, we all went to the zoo and had a blast. We hope to make it a regular weekend event, now that we all have memberships! Here is Wesley riding a pony at the zoo... Our girls can't wait until they can participate in the fun activities!
Our girls at the zoo...Please ignore their goofy sun hats. It was cold out and Brian insisted that they have something on their heads and sun hats were all that we had!! The girls have recently started noticing each other and it is wonderful. They love to smile at one another and seem to really love spending time together. Here are a few pictures of them interacting on the bed this morning!
Macy smiling at Sadie! So cute!
And one last one of Sadie, because I think it's a cute picture!
My mom comes to town on Friday and we can't wait. So check back soon, as I'm sure we'll have tons of pictures to post from Grammy's visit!

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