Thursday, September 10, 2009

Grammy leaves tomorrow...

Grammy leaves tomorrow and we are so sad! We've loved having her visit and the girls have had so much fun showing her all of their talents, including smiling, cooing, rolling, playing with each other and playing with toys! They've loved all of the attention that they have received while Grammy was in town and especially the fact that they've each had someone to hold them for their bottles, rather than Mommy feeding them alone. Here is a picture of Grammy reading to the girls...they love stories!
Here are a few more pictures from Grammy's visit. Unfortunately, she took most of the pictures, so she's not in many of them!
Macy Moo! We all continue to get such a kick out of how identical she is to her Daddy!
Sadie Bear! She is so big and Grammy couldn't stop pinching her big thigh rolls!
The girls have really started enjoying one another! They love to talk to each other and smile at each other. Here they are having their daily play time together!

We're so sad to see Grammy go and can't wait to see her again in October when we head to CT for a high school friend's wedding. We haven't figured out how we're going to manage the trip with the girls, but we think driving is the best way. More to come soon, with the girls in their super cute new clothes that Grammy bought while she was here. The girls officially have more outfits than their mom and dad combined and will certainly be looking good for the winter season!

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