Thursday, January 14, 2010

Grampy and Kevin's birthday!

Yesterday was Grampy and Kevin's birthday! We all went over to have lasagna and cake and the girls opened their Christmas presents from Grandma and Grampy!

As usual, when we get off of our schedule a little bit (kept the girls up a little late for dinner), Macy had a bit of a fit. But, we did eventually get her settled down and into bed when we got home! She is definitely still my high maintenence girl, but I have a strange feeling that their personalities will flip flop when they get older and Macy's tummy stops bothering her so much. Macy takes after her dad in almost every way and Sadie after myself. Brian (although he may not appear that way recently!) is pretty laid back and easy going and I'm the one who struggles with change and likes things planned. So, my guess is that Macy will eventually become my flexible girl and Sadie will like things a little more routine...but only time will tell!

Here is one of the birthday boys, Kevin, playing with Sadie..

Auntie Aubrey helps the girls open their stockings...

Auntie Aubrey and Sadie

Macy wishes Grampy and Happy Birthday by eating his glasses!

A quick note, to share Macy's newest accomplishment. Today I watched her pull herself up onto her knees while holding onto the living room chair. Next thing we know she's going to be pulling herself up to a standing position...WOW!

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