Wednesday, January 13, 2010

New tricks!

My yoga babies! This position is the girls favorite at this point. It reminds me of "Downward Facing Dog" in yoga! After some research, I discovered that this is actually a normal developmental exercise in the vestibular sense of self, meaning that it helps them to learn about balance and being upside down and right side up. The girls do this all.the.time and it amazes me how strong they are to hold this position for so long! Here's Sadie showing you how to do a perfect "Downward Dog!"
I've been playing with my new camera and here are a few of my recent favorites. I cannot wait to take lessons to learn how to properly operate it, but for now, we're staying on the "auto settings."

Not only are the girls holding their own bottles, but they do so well with their sippies of water too. It continues to amaze me each and every day how fast they are growing up. I'm going to miss this time so much, as they are just such a blast and learning new things EVERY day!
Somehow our girls managed to get the most beautiful blue eyes! They are truly gorgeous, especially in the sunlight, when you can see the many shades of blue in each eye! Macy's dark, long eye lashes make her eyes pop even more and I'm so jealous. Sadie, like me, seems to have light colored eye lashes, that match her strawberry hair. I think she'll have a lifetime of wearing mascara to make her eyelashes noticeable!
However, currently, my favorite physical feature of both girls is their hair. Sadie has the most adorable light, red hair. The best part of it is that is sticks straight up! It's just adorable and I will be so sad the day that it gets thick enough to lay flat!
Macy's hair grows by the minute and is currently the most beautiful auburn color. Where did I get two redheads!?! What I love most is that her hair always lays perfectly on her head, like it's been brushed and positioned that way! It's finally gotten long enough for me to clip barrettes into and I couldn't be happier!
Speaking of barrettes...the barrette shown in Macy's hair in the picture below, somehow found its way into Daddy's hair as well! Brian took her barrette out before naptime and clipped it into his hair to get it out of his hands while he was laying Macy down. Well, he forgot about it until a friend asked him what was in his hair, several hours later!
Each and everyday, the girls get more and more mobile. Macy especially, makes it across the room in no time. She scoots backwards, pivots around in circles and finds EVERYTHING that she shouldn't! She has also learned to get herself into a sitting position from her stomach or all fours!
Sadie started the trend, by saying "baba" and the occassional "mama" and now both girls have started babbling all day! I cannot wait until they say "mama" and "dada" with meaning!
So, those are the recent developments with the girls! We're busy moving and hope to be living in the new house by early next week. I'm a bit nervous about moving the girls to their new room, but I'm hoping that they make the adjustment with ease!

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