Tuesday, August 10, 2010

At last! The MN post!!

Well, I finally did it. I sorted through the over 200 pictures that I took during our FABULOUS trip to Minnesota last month and tried to pick a select group of the best shots! We couldn't have asked for a more wonderful trip to see family. It was packed with activities, meals, fun, games, and lots of cocktails (for the adults of course!), while enjoying all members of the MN family!! We wish we could turn around and go back again!

After 12 hours in the car (through the middle of the night), we (meaning Sadie, Macy and myself, since Daddy was safely driving us) awoke as the sun came up to this, a sight that we rarely see in Ohio...
While the wind farms of Iowa were a beautiful and magnificent sight, we were anxious to get out of the car and reach our final desination...

After a little while, we finally saw this....
Hooray, says Sadie!
As Macy lets the MN morning air, blow through her hair...
When we arrived, GG was soooo excited to see her great grand-daughters....
And after a while, cousin Beckett came to meet us too!!! GG and her three great-grandkids!
Of course, since they are family, all three kids LOVE to eat!
Beckett was wondering why someone made him sit in between these goofy girls?!?!
During one of our MANY outings, cousin Emily and cousin Mary took us to the Children's Museum. The girls had a complete blast in the toddler room, learning to walk up and down ramps and navigate different obstacles!
Macy and Emily
During one of our most fun evenings, the whole family (which included over 25 relatives) enjoyed a fabulous BBQ and Aunt LeeAnne and Uncle Harry's! The night was even better once the girls went to bed and several of us were able to take the boat out for some fun (and drinks of course)!
The girls with Maggie, Katie and Mollie
Macy chatting with Gracie
Emily and her best-bud, Sadie
Okay, well maybe Macy had a few cocktails too!
There aren't too many things that I love more then spending a sunny day, on a boat, in the water. Considering that Brian and I had our very first kiss on the front of boat (many, many years ago!), I see it only fitting that the girls be boat lovers too! Here we are as the girls head out for their very first boat ride and it couldn't have been a more beautiful day!
Macy is clearly soooo cool and was a natural on the water!
But not to be out-done by her equally cool and boat-loving sister!
Three girls, happy as can be...
Well, except for the life-jackets....those made us a little cranky!
After our boat ride, we thanked Uncle Harry by giving him some love. Can't you tell that this guy has raised three lovely girls!?! He's a natural!
One of my all-time favorites, Uncle Harry and Sadie, walking hand-in-hand!
As our trip came to a close, we hugged Cousin Katie....
And had yet another wonderful meal with the family....Bye, bye Minnesota!
Thank you to all of the MANY family members who made our trip so fabulous! We love all of you and we cannot wait until we come to visit Minnesota again! We miss you!

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