Friday, August 20, 2010

First ER visit...check!

Well we've added "First visit to the Emergency Room to our list of firsts for Macy. In a not-so-happy ending to their 15 month birthday, Macy took a tumble off of the couch while I was making dinner. I could tell the minute I got to her that something wasn't right. Her arm was pinned behind her and she looked shocked.

After 25 mins of non-stop tears (unusual for my tough girl) and trying to get her to move her arm, which she wouldn't do, we decided to call the on-call pediatrician. After getting advice to head to the ER, we called Muirfield Village to get Daddy off of the golf course, so that he could meet us there.

I had both girls with me and they were both troopers. Sadie could tell something was wrong, so she never made a peep and was so good, depite the fact that she didn't eat dinner until after her normal bedtime. Macy continued to cry and eventually had X-ray's done on her arm. The X-rays were rather traumatic for both Macy and myself and in fact we both cried, as she was taped to a table to try and get the right angle for the X-ray. My sweet girl immediately fell asleep in my arms when the ordeal was over.

We were relieved to find no broken bones, just a pinched ligament, commonly known as Nursemaid's Elbow. Her arm is a bit sore today and she is favoring her right arm, but she seems to be doing great, albeit a little tired!

Here are the first X-ray's of my Macy-Moo. Daddy thinks that she has the perfect bones for a great athlete!

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