Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to all! We're so excited for the girls' first Thanksgiving! This time last year, Brian and I were just announcing to the world that we were pregnant with twins and we were just 12 weeks pregnant (although I already had a nice round belly)! This year, we have our wonderful girls here with us and we can't wait to spend the day with friends and family!

We started off the Thanksgiving morning with a little extra sleep, as the girls we nice enough to sleep a half hour later than normal and woke us at 8:00am (7:15pm-8:00am = awesome!!). Brian made french toast for us, while the girls ate their cereal and then we cozied up to watch "Macy's Special Parade!" We're going to have to find something special for Sadie, as I know that the Thanksgiving Day parade will always be known in our house as "a parade just for Macy." The girls really aren't ever allowed to watch any TV, so this was a special treat, although they didn't really seem to pay any attention!

Here's Daddy and the girls watching the parade...
Here they are again!
Instead of watching, Macy decided to go for a roll. Note the shoe behind her...a few minutes later, I turned around to find Macy chewing on this shoe, which had some lovely gum on the bottom of it! It was one of the grossest moments I've had as a mom! I promptly grabbed the shoe and attempted to wash Macy's mouth out with a wet paper towl. YUCK! Note to self, don't leave shoes where the babies can get them!
Sadie playing and wondering when her parade is?
Later in the day we will go to Grandma and Grampy's house and we will get to see Aunt Sarah, who is arriving from Boston! We can't wait to see her!
Last week, the Columbus Zoo put up all of their Christmas lights for a two month long event called "Wild Lights." They literally light up EVERYTHING in the zoo (well except for the animals) and it is so much fun to go walk around, see the animals at night and enjoy hot chocolate and beautiful lights! The girls loved getting bundled up and looking at all of the pretty lights.
Here we are as a family!
In other news, the girls have moved beyond cereal and are now trying purees! Brian and I spent an evening working on making some new things for them to try and so I now have frozen sweet potatoes, bananas and avocado purees in my freezer. We will try each one for three days (to test for allergies) before moving on to other things! The girls LOVED sweet potatoe!
Here is Macy enjoying her new meal..
Sadie loving her new food!
The girls sat in restaurant high chairs for the first time yesterday and did very well! They looked like such big girls! We had lunch with my good friend Andrea, who is expecting twin girls and due in April! We can't wait to have another set of girl twins to play with!
I'll post more Thanksgiving pictures soon! Happy Thanksgiving to all!!

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