Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Since I often get a lot of questions, I thought I'd do a post dedicated to Frequently Asked Questions about raising twins, so here are a few...

"I read the post describing how you feed both girls at the same time, but I don't get it, can you post a picture?" or "Explain to me again how you feed two at once?"

Well, feeding two at once used to seem like a daunting task, but it's become quite routine at this point. The only time I really prefer to always have extra help is the bedtime bottle, as it often involves trying to keep the girls awake long enough to finish it, but I have managed alone. So, in order to save myself quite a bit of time, I learned early on that I needed to feed both girls at the same time. I started off feeding both girls in their carseats on either side of me on the couch, but quickly moved to one on my bent knees and one in the boppy pillow next to me on the couch or on the bed. Here's a picture of what it looks like! Please excuse the no was 7 am and we were all still in PJ's...

"How do you manage to grocery shop with two babies?"

I can tell you that this was a scary task at first too, but once I did it, it quickly became a lot less challenging! There are two different approaches to grocery shopping. The quick visit is an easy one. I put the girls into their Double Snap and Go stroller, or DSNG, as it is referred to in the world of mom's of multiples. It is a stroller frame that holds both carseats, one in front of the other, and feels like your driving a bus! It has a large basket underneath and I simply put all of my necessary groceries in the basket. Pretty simple...

Now, the larger grocery trips took longer to master. It's a little technique that I like to call the "push and pull." I put the girls in their side by side stroller (no carseats), which is easier to push and can be done with one hand. Then I grab a grocery cart and I simply do all of my shopping while pushing the stroller and pulling the cart. I get lots of stares and comments, but it works!

I was so excited to see this picture in People Magazine of actor and dad of twins, Jerry O'Connell mastering the "push and pull" and making it look so easy! Now, if he could just have a talk with Brian, I'd be a happy lady!

"How did you get both babies to sleep through the night at 2.5 months?"

Luck. I think that we were blessed with good sleepers. I also think that the girls must have known that Mommy needed some good sleep after caring for them all day and decided that they better learn to sleep well quickly!

"What's the hardest part of having multiples?" and "What do you like most about having twins?"

The hardest part of having twins...hmmm...all of it! I think we're lucky in that Brian and I never knew what it was like to just have one baby, so twins is all we've ever known. I think that the hardest has to be when both are crying at once and trying to determine which baby to attend to first or try to carry both at the same time to get them calmed down. I've always considered myself an organized person, but I can say that I never knew organization until I had twins. My days are non-stop and I rarely have time to sit down (except for when I update the blog of course!). Brian gave me a huge compliment the other day when he came home and said "You have to be the most efficient person I know!" Efficient is a good word for it, I had to learn to be efficient quickly.

I love almost everything about having twins. I love their different personalities and the fact that they'll always have someone to play with and never be alone. I love that they just recently discovered one another and watching them smile at each other. I love that Brian and I each have a child to hold at the end of the day. Having twins is truly wonderful!

Hope this answers all the questions! Let me know if there are any more!

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