Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A Baptism weekend!

Okay, so I heard some people were actually waiting for this post (people actually follow my blog? Who knew!?!?), so here it is....the baptism weekend! It was perhaps the busiest week/weekend on record and the girls ended the weekend with huge, dark circles under their eyes from all of the excitement! Between Halloween, Daylight Savings Time, all the visitors in town and the baptism, I think that we were all completely worn out. But the weekend was a blast and it was so nice to have so many friends and family around us!

The night before the baptism we went out as a family to House of Japan for dinner. The girls LOVED watching the chef cook our meal and their eyes got so huge when he lit the fire on the cooktop! It was a lot of fun and definitely somewhere that we will continue to take the girls!

Here's Auntie Aubrey and Kevin! These kids are moving out and into their own apartment in a few weeks, since Kevin got a terrific new job here in Columbus!! The girls will have to go visit their new place (i.e. Mom and Dad get a night away)!
Uncle K.C. and Macy!
Grandma, Grampy, Uncle K.C. and Sadie!
And now, the day of the baptism! The girls did so well and didn't make a peep! I think Kelley got a workout holding our "Mexican jumping bean," Sadie all morning! The girls looked adorable in their Christening dresses! Here are their terrific Godparents, Kelley with Sadie and Frank with Macy. We are so happy to have such wonderful people taking part in our daughters' lives...
Mom and Dad with the girls
During the ceremony...
Kelley and Sadie
Spanky and Macy
The desserts and champagne reception at Muirfield Village was great and the cakes that were made for the girls turned out incredible! They were just beautiful! I think we were all on a sugar high, but it all tasted so good! Here's the chocolate fountain and cakes...

After a short rest, we all went to my dad's hotel pool for some real food (pizza!) and a swim. The girls have never been in the pool before, so Brian and I got in with them! Macy really seemed to enjoy it, but Sadie wasn't so sure! They looked ADORABLE in their swim suits!!
Sadie and Daddy taking a dip!
Macy floating with Mommy!

We're having a relaxing week at home and trying hard to get back into our routines and schedule after a busy weekend. The girls have been a little thrown off by daylight savings, but I'm hoping we'll be back on schedule in no time...

We're so sad that we won't be seeing any of the CT grandparents until Christmas and we GREATLY miss them! It's so hard to be away from them, but we can't wait to see them again!

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