Sunday, November 15, 2009

Lazy weekend...

It's been a lazy weekend in the Savage household. We relaxed at home, watched OSU beat Iowa (to go to the Rose Bowl!) on TV and ate some ice cream, while playing the girls! We visited Autie Aubrey and Kevin's new apartment, Brian cut down some dead trees in the yard and we had dinner with friends...all in all a nice weekend! I posted a few pictures below...

This is one that I left out of the baptism post, accidentally. It's a great group shot from our family dinner the night before the baptism!
The girls are getting more and more mobile and I'm sure they will be crawling very soon. For now, the roll everywhere, scoot and never seem to end up in the same place that I left them... Mommy and Macy getting some sleeping cuddle time in...perhaps one of my favorite moments!
Out for an evening walk!
In other news, we are hoping to move into our new house in January! We close on our beautiful new home in mid-December and hope to do a slow move after Christmas! We can't wait to have more space and enjoy our terrific new neighborhood! We are so excited and here it is...

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  1. Wow! Nice house. Come to Raleigh to fill it with furniture. Happy half year to Sadie and Macy.
    Rach + Paul