Saturday, August 1, 2009

New friends...

Our new best friend, Ellie (Eleanor Mae) was born last Saturday! She's a big girl and has a full head of black hair (Macy's jealous, as she currently has a mullett) and we can't wait to grow up with her! Her parents, Travis and Sarah and her big brother, Wesley, are excited that she's finally here! Welcome Ellie!

The girls have started "playing" a lot more often and Sadie has started to recognize that Macy exists (Macy hasn't noticed Sadie quite yet). Here are the girls playing with an activity may in their pack n' play and kicking each other's legs.
Today the girls and I went to our first "twinfant" play group. There were 10 sets of twins ranging in age from 10.5 weeks (my girls) up to age 9 months. While the girls didn't "play" very much, it was great for me to talk with other twin moms and spend some time seeing what twins will be like over the next few months. I can't wait for the girls to be playing with one another, sitting up and more interested in toys, like some of the other twins. I met some great moms and look forward to doing more play groups over the next few months! Here's a picture of most of the group.

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