Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A few more from Great-Grandma Savage's visit!

We had such a great visit with Great-Grandma! I think that she really enjoying getting to meet the girls. She really got to know their personalities, fed them several bottles, took lots of pictures and held them a lot! I'm so happy that the girls got to meet her! They have now met both Great-Grandma's on Brian's side, so I'm hoping they get to meet Sadie's namesake, Great-Grandma Hollingsworth (my mom's mom) sometime soon!

During Mary Kays' visit, we enjoyed relaxing at Heidi and Shawn's house and made cookies, enjoyed good meals, watched a movie and had a nice time talking and relaxing together. The weather was great, so it was nice to take some pictures outside!

Here is Shawn (with Macy) and Mary Kay (with Sadie) enjoying sometime on the porch swing!
The four generation picture! Here is Brian (with Sadie), Mary Kay (with Macy) and Shawn! Four generations of cool!!
During Grandma's visit, Sarah's cat, Grella, contemplated pouncing on Sadie as she slept in her carseat. Thankfully she just watched from her perch, rather than actually making the leap!
Here is Grandma Heidi (with Macy) and Auntie Aubrey (with Sadie) relaxing during Mary Kay's visit!
We had such a great time with Great-Grandma Savage and we will miss her! We hope to make it out to MN sometime soon to see the rest of the family and let them meet the girls...

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  1. Thanks for sharing all of the photos from Grandma's visit. It is very fun to see her interacting with your girls!

    We are certainly anxious to meet them both. Perhaps we will have to plan a trip out to see you all in OH one of these days!

    Take care!
    :) Emily