Monday, August 10, 2009

A week of birthday celebration!

It's been a week of birthdays around here! Uncle K.C. turned 15! Here he is with the girls as we got ready to head to lunch with the family. Here is Grandma Heidi with Sadie and her birthday cupcake. Her birthday was the day before K.C.'s. We all enjoyed a nice lunch at The Morgan House and despite Macy projectile vomitting her bottle onto the floor, it was a great lunch!
This past weekend, we celebrated the two birthdays with a family meal at The Montgomery Inn. Macy was thrilled that Daddy wore a bib like she always does! Below are a few pictures of what lunch looks like when we take the girls. Thankfully there are plenty of hands for feeding the girls and everyone does a good job of taking turns passing them around during the meal! Brian and I try to enjoy eating a meal, while other people hold our babies for a while!!

Bogey loves his babies and is so good with them. The girls aren't too interested in him yet, but he loves to lick them and always goes to their room when they are crying or making noise! He's a great "big brother!"

I forgot to tell everyone....THE GIRLS ARE SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT! Yay!!! We'd eventually like to start making bedtime earlier, but for now, they are asleep by 9:45 and sleep until at least 6 and sometimes 7 am. It's been great to get 7-8 hours of straight sleep for us! After our morning bottle the girls often lounge in bed with Daddy until he gets up to get ready for work, while I wash bottles and enjoy a few minutes to myself before the day begins. This weekend, here is what I found when I returned to the bedroom. So adorable! He's the best Dad and they LOVE him!

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