Monday, August 17, 2009

All about Sadie...

After posting all about Macy, here is Sadie's post! Sadie is my sweetheart. She is a totally easy going and relaxed baby. She is generally an extremely happy baby and is very content just sitting and relaxing. We often feel bad, because she is sometimes so good and so content that you forget she is even there! She loves to play, kick, and swing in the baby swing. Sadie was my first smiler and talker. She LOVES to talk and is always experimenting with different noises and sounds. She enjoys the sound of her voice and mimics sounds we make and will always have a "conversation" with you. She also loves to stick out her tongue! When she wakes up in the morning you often hear her talking to herself and when you go and get her, she always greets you with a huge smile. It is what I look forward to every morning! She will look for you when she hears your voice and is thrilled when she has spotted you, especially Daddy when he comes home.

Sadie is my great nighttime sleeper and once you get her to bed, she sleeps for 10 hours and sometimes more, however she HATES napping. It is not unusual to put Sadie down for a nap and go in an hour later to find her wide awake and looking around in her crib. When she smiles, she scrunches her nose and opens her mouth very wide. She has adorable bow lips and her smile is as sweet as can be. Sadie is very stubborn and when she gets upset, she gets very upset. She is a creature of habit and likes her routines. Here are a few pictures of my happy girl. The last one is an example of what happens when you refuse to take a nap in your crib and insist on playing all day...

Sadie is my reliable baby. I know what to expect with her and can always turn to her for a good smile and cuddle. Her mild tempered nature melts my heart and there is nothing better than hugging her chubby body! Sadie also has many nicknames and is my Sadie Bear, Big Bear, Sadiekins, Lugg, Bunny, and forever my Sadie Girl. I love you Sadie!

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